..of Low Cuts and HIGH ‘Hills’

Happy New Year folks!!!😀

It’s never too late for anything, is it!😀

Its a not-so-cold day here in Calcutta (Yes, I still don’t call it Kolkata, never will!) today, after a sub-10° week.. (Grrrrr) and a lazyyyyyy Sunday spent at home after… err a month or so.. Home Sweet Home was never sweeter.. (<3)

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It’s a Boring After-Life!!


..and also a boring way to begin a post.. that too after err.. 5months-13 days to be precise!😡

And no, I’m not refering to the latest movie by Miss Bend-it-Like-Beckham! I’m talking about the life of this Little Miss who is writing the post.. Her after-life!

Life post-mortem is peaceful.. & peaceful is B-O-R-I-N-G!! And I have no idea what the hell am I writing!!

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Paa’s Paa….

Yes.. that’s my grand pa.. ‘baba’ as I used to call him.. Someone I loved the most when he was with us..

I still do…

I was not only his only grand daughter.. but the only grandchild he ever had.. and like every grand father would.. he loved his little grand daughter the most!!

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Mere saamne wale ‘WINDOW’ mein…

Ek Chaand ka tukda? No.. Ek Devil ka baap rehta hai….😡

..and the name (itself) is WINDOWS.. Microsoft WINDOWS!! ta-na tada.. tada-da!!!👿

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The Jhatpat (stolen) Tag!

I’m bored.. Bored to the core.. So I borrowed stole this tag from Arpit..😀😛 Something is better than nothing, always.. Besides, it has a cute name…. So here is The Jhatpat Tag…..😀

1. Grab the book nearest to u, turn on page 18 and find line 4.

It seemed to Tracy that Gods were conspiring to do everything they could to overwhelm her with Happiness..” – If Tomorrow Comes, by Sidney Sheldon.

Haven’t we heard a similar dialogue from SRK???😕

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Shnuuuu… aaaahhh…

That’s me, taking a gulp of fresh air.. (with a littttle tinge of cold)😛

Yes!! Exams over..finally.. Good or bad??? Now that they are over after so much of waiting..who cares???😀😀

So.. I’m out here after a loooong looong time… Too drained to think straight so just catching up with little tidbits..

To start with, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall from the stairs yesterday.. Just lucky enough not to break any bones.. Presently, my right-eye looks like this >>>>>>>

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Pages to read before I sleep!!

*blink* Where am I?? *blink* *blink*

Looks familiar though.. *blink*

Okay Ambi,  enough of overacting!😛 Im on WordPress.. My very own blog.. which is fortunately not yet extinct!! :D 

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