It’s a WOMAN, man!!

Published June 18, 2009 by Ambika

To hell with Dhoni and his boys, for the time being..Its Women’s World T-20 & we are in the semi’s..yayy! Go India go!!

That precisely was my Facebook status a few hours ago. And true it is. So what India is out of the tournament. For now, it doesn’t matter whether Dhoni’s team won or lost. What matters is whether India wins or lose. And the Indian ladies have reached up to the semis, which in itself, is a great feat. 

The game is in progress as I write it. India needs 95 runs out of 48 balls to defeat NZ and march into the Finals. Tough job! The quality of the game, of course, is not up to the mark and not as we would have liked it to be but who are to be blamed?? The women players, themsleves?? Nayyy.. Then who? Well…..

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Published June 2, 2009 by Ambika

Helloz!! 😀

Im back with a nonsense post with no sense to talk about!!! Surprisingly, I have some time to think and write, right now..So I might as well write some crap 😛

Basically, I’m also bored, with nothing to do. TV has nothing good for me (apart from sports of course).. Roland Garros is boring to watch..  But the outcomes seem really interesting. Tough luck for both Nadal and Fedex:-

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Are you someone’s “Eye-Candy??!”

Published April 29, 2009 by Ambika

Sitting in a class, hearing, for 3 hours, one cannot be expected to provide undivided attention!! Not Me atleast..never!! Specially when you are surrounded by some 299 others –  who come in different shapes & sizes & features! 😛 😉

And who tops the list  – the guys of course!! Ok now it doesn’t mean that I like gaping at every other guy I see.. But then its a basic girly instinct  to have a look & observe and comment!!!

Mr. Right

Mr. Right

I can have lots to comments on girls too.. But behold boys!! This post is strictly dedicated to you people!!! 😀 😀

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Nauman: No-man to Now-man!!

Published April 27, 2009 by Ambika

After all the hassles, dog & cat-fights, strategies & everything, Nauman has finally won the title of Rowdies Roadies, Hell Down Under!! Not that it makes any difference to me.. but he has won it nevertheless.. He was considered to be a NO-MAN who didn’t perform & could win only against female contestants!! But NOW the MAN has won the finale and proved everybody wrong!! 😀  



Almost everybody watches Roadies.. don’t they?? 😀

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‘RR’ & KK’R’ e’RRR’ big times!!

Published April 20, 2009 by Ambika

RR & KKR were the 2 teams I really rooted for in the first season!! One of which even went upto becoming the Champions!! 😀 Incidentally, Kolkata also happens to be my birth place, & Rajasthan my home-town state!! 😛

Only 2 days gone, & with the kind of results we’ve had, I’ve been losing whatever little interest & enthusiasm I had, since the 2nd season of IPL went abroad.  Read the rest of this entry →

Tax Frac-ture in India!!

Published April 12, 2009 by Ambika

When you’re tired & sleepy.. CTRL C + CTRL V comes pretty handy.. Enjoy if you can… Comment if you don’t!! 😉 😛

1) Qus. : What are you doing?

Ans. : Business.




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About the header, WP theme, my cuteness, timeless-ness, linking fellow bloggers, & an unnecessarily loooong Title, which actually means nothing!! :|

Published April 9, 2009 by Ambika

Actually a sentence is not supposed to start with an ‘actually..’

Huh?!! 😡 Anyways..


To start with, like the new header, huh?? 😀 I know it is likeable!! 🙂 All credits to Arpit for putting his idle time & mind for a charitable cause!!! 😛 Oh btw, he is waiting for more clients. So basically this is also a free publicity means. If you like my header, and you’re also suffering from Photoshop-phobia, like me.. You may contact Arpit. He may also do it for free, provided you’re as sweet as I am.. 😉 😛

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