It’s a WOMAN, man!!

Published June 18, 2009 by Ambika

To hell with Dhoni and his boys, for the time being..Its Women’s World T-20 & we are in the semi’s..yayy! Go India go!!

That precisely was my Facebook status a few hours ago. And true it is. So what India is out of the tournament. For now, it doesn’t matter whether Dhoni’s team won or lost. What matters is whether India wins or lose. And the Indian ladies have reached up to the semis, which in itself, is a great feat. 

The game is in progress as I write it. India needs 95 runs out of 48 balls to defeat NZ and march into the Finals. Tough job! The quality of the game, of course, is not up to the mark and not as we would have liked it to be but who are to be blamed?? The women players, themsleves?? Nayyy.. Then who? Well…..

In a male-dominated country, where no other sports, apart from cricket, get their due share, women hold not much chances. I say male-dominated, not because that’s the way it is, but because that’s the way men think it to be. I don’t blame Wasim Akram when he, while commenting in this match, mistakenly said “the man in the square leg” which he quickly changed it to “the fielder.

 Btw, did you know that the captain of the Indian Women’s team – Jhulan Goswami was the World No.1 test/ODI bowler??  Did you know that the winner of ICC Women World T-20 would get 1/10th as much the prize money of their male counterparts??

You must be thinking – why all of this today, when India has reached the semi final and why not before?? Because, I’m also the part of the same world as you are. I myself didn’t know all this stuff before today. I didn’t even know that India has managed to reach the semi’s.

Today the papers had their first full article on the Women’s WC after the tournament began. Is it fair that this is the first match being telecast and that too only because it is being played at the same place as the men’s semifinals and especially because it does not clash with the other match? Couldn’t have one..atleast one player of our Men’s team been there to support their female counterparts, especially now, when they are themselves out of the game & got nothing much to do?? Is that the respect, a group of tough, young women representing India on an International level, commands??

 All this not because I’m a woman..err.. girl myself.. But because a fact is a fact and a fact knows no gender-biases! I myself face something similar when people come to know of my love for sports. “You follow cricket??” “You understand Tennis??” Why?? Is there a particular sport-understandability hormone that a girl is not supposed to have? In fact, even my mom thinks I’ve turned into a half-man when I watch sports with my dad! WTH!! 😡

 I’m not anti-men or pro-women and do not run a Nari Jagriti Sanstha. But yes, it doesn’t seem right, when we, as Indians, tend to discriminate between 2 Indians. I feel responsible, do you??


Signing off,

Noooo…!!! Wait…!!!!!

Before I shut up, one opinion poll…. How important or un-important do you think it is to stand up before your t.v. sets when the Indian National Anthem is playing before every match? I intend NO controversy here, and it is meant just for random opinion. Btw, just for the record, I do stand up. I don’t mind it if it sounds silly and find no reason why should it… But Yes, I stand.. and with pride!!


Now, signing off finally,

Ambika 🙂


P.S.: I see that my blog is slowly becoming a sports blog. The reason could be that Sports is the only happening thing happening at the moment. Nevertheless, I might as well do something about it too.. 😛


10 comments on “It’s a WOMAN, man!!

  • 1. Very valid observations. Cannot not agree with everything you wrote here.

    2. It is surprising it’s one tenth of the amount men get! Hope someday this discrimination will catch the media fancy. Last year only if I recall correctly, there was a huge media outcry on the Wimbledon prizes for women being only slightly less than the males which was immediately corrected. Hope it will happen to cricket too someday.

    3. Yeah, at least one player from the male team would have been a huge morale booster. Even these male players have poor imagination. A male cricketer from the Indian team could have made an appearance and imagine the limelight and camera bulbs he would have got!

    4. I didn’ t know about Jhulan. Anjali is the only female cricketer I have known.

    5. It goes without saying that a man who is half-woman and a woman who is half-man is a better man/woman. Also it is important to have some kid-like features as toppings (you have it of course).

    6. I do not stand up while the Anthem is playing on TV; I , however, squirm if someone stands [peer pressure]!

  • i dun stand when the national anthem is going on..

    i respect my country but i dun think tat by just standing when the national anthem is playing on tv would either increase or decrease my respect for India..

  • I am not entirely convinved. We boys did loose. But we cant generalize this lose. They had indeed been playing pretty beautifully in the past 6 -7 months. Just loosing 2 -3 important games on trought, doesn’t make Dhoni a dull guy. 😉
    My congratulations to the ladies for doing all of us proud. They were really brilliant. But to tell you honestly, I did not watch any of their matches. I dont even know if their matches were telecasted. But yes, now we guys, will definitely take a note that even ladies can play some really cool and boys worthy sports.
    Congratulations girls.

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