‘RR’ & KK’R’ e’RRR’ big times!!

Published April 20, 2009 by Ambika

RR & KKR were the 2 teams I really rooted for in the first season!! One of which even went upto becoming the Champions!! 😀 Incidentally, Kolkata also happens to be my birth place, & Rajasthan my home-town state!! 😛

Only 2 days gone, & with the kind of results we’ve had, I’ve been losing whatever little interest & enthusiasm I had, since the 2nd season of IPL went abroad.  Both my favourite teams got badly beaten by the 2 worst-performing sides of the 1st season – Royal Challengers Bangalore & Deccan Chargers.

On the other side of IPL, Delhi Daredevils have had an exceptional 10 wicket victory over Kings XI Punjab. An excellent spell by Bangalore’s Anil Kumble who took 5 wickets in 3.1 overs and giving away just 5 runs against RR!!! Another good bowling by Fidel Edwards of West Indies playing for the  Deccan Chargers.

If you are wondering what I’m upto, this is my own way of writing a Match-Summary, written disheartenedly!!

It was actually very disheartening to see both my fav teams being beaten this badly. Here is a brief synopsis of what worked for whom!!

Things that didn’t work for both Rajasthan Royals  & Kolkata Knight Riders:-

KKR – The new captain(s)..

RR    – The same old captain.. 😐

KKR – Their slump since the last season.

RR    –  Their winning streak from the last season. 😐

KKR – Shahrukh’s relocated bones!!

RR    – Shilpa Shetty relocated!! 😐

Things that worked for Bangalore Royal Challengers & Deccan Chargers:-

1. New ‘overseas’ captians 

» Kevin Pietersen – Bangalore

» Adam Gilchrist – Deccan Chargers

2. New Team jerseys.

3. Finally, Rajasthan Royals & Kolkata Knight Riders themselves!!! 😐 😐 😐

Waise toh, its just been the first matches for both my teams, & we have lots of hope left in the tournament. But the very beginning itself was disappointing enough. The forthcoming matches really need to go well to lift up the drooping spirits of all, including the players in SA.

As for here, we just missed a Bengal Bandh on account of removing Sourav Ganguly from the captaincy! 😐

Anyways, now its me signing off. Wishing RR & KKR a better performance and a better post to myself!!!


P.S.(1): Although I’m myself sick of reading the kind of posts I’m currently posting, Kunal, do I have a wee bit chance with your Sports Blog??!! 😐 😮

P.S.(2): Kindly ignore the image in the My Mood section. It is yet to be updated!!!


8 comments on “‘RR’ & KK’R’ e’RRR’ big times!!

  • 4 captain theory ???…. I was supporting Daredevils and Knight Riders …. but on seeing the weird multi captain theory by SRK and Buchanan … I dare say ” SRK deserve to lose ” …. Now my whole support is with Delhi !!!!

  • I personally like to see Royal Challengers win.. Rahul Drvaid finally gets an applaud for what he has been doing from a long time, scoring runs!! He was the highest scorer for RC last season and continues to show great form in this format..

    Anil Kumble picked 5, but he was lucky… RR Batsman went after him.. But never-the-less the effort paid off..

    Sachin in his innings showed class.. Wow!!!

    Ganguly looks down and out.. They have a team worse than RR.. No Star players.. and the one’s that are there aren’t performing.. They are going to end only at the bottom of the table..

    The opening ceremony was a big waste of time and money! No Priety Zinta or Shlpa Shetty performance?? People throwing flags around and dancing samba.. What a ceremony of what is called the INDIAN premier league..

    The timings are not stuck to.. Boring start, hope the teams play well to make it interesting!

    Kunal Janu
    PS: Ambika, I have always welcomed contribution from readers on my sports blog. If you’d like to guest-post, you are always welcome.

  • U missed out one important observation:

    Things that didn’t work for both Rajasthan Royals & Kolkata Knight Riders:-

    ambika supported these teams last season n this season too..

    Things that worked for Bangalore Royal Challengers & Deccan Chargers:-

    ambika didn’t support these teams last season n this season too..

  • Harsh,
    I get biased towards KKR just because I’m from the city.. otherwise there’s nothing in the team to catch my attention!! Not even SRK! Delhi had also been a tentitive fav till last year! It has got some gr8 players, the awesome twosome – Sehwag-Gambhir, Vettori 😳 McGrath..!!! 😀
    Oh btw, any idea, if McGrath didn’t get selected for this particular match, or is he not playing at all this season?? 😐

    Such a long comment was pretty expected from you, given the topic 😛
    And yea, I would definately guest post.. If I post at all, that is!! 😐

    Always Indian,
    There’s not enough hope with KKR in the first place to lose!! I support it just for the sake of it!! Otherwise it was RR always & Delhi now as well!!! 😀
    Thanks a lot for the offer! I would love to. But my frequency of posting is VERY low. I guess that wouldn’t work with your site 😦

    Mr. Bornchamp.. Ahem!!
    Observations you missed to observe:-
    I supported RR last season & it went ahead to become the Champions!
    As for KKR – I have no regrets cause the team’s presently got nothing that I could root for!!
    Waise bhi every team is just 1-2 matches old. Too early to predict!!!

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