..of Low Cuts and HIGH ‘Hills’

Published January 16, 2011 by Ambika

Happy New Year folks!!! 😀

It’s never too late for anything, is it! 😀

Its a not-so-cold day here in Calcutta (Yes, I still don’t call it Kolkata, never will!) today, after a sub-10° week.. (Grrrrr) and a lazyyyyyy Sunday spent at home after… err a month or so.. Home Sweet Home was never sweeter.. (<3)

For all those who want to know, and for all those who wouldn’t even give a damn –  Work is good, life is smooth & I’m fine..  Thank u.. 😛

Now coming back to my Title.. Im NOT talking about the latest fashion trend for girls! 😉 This is how I describe the year which just passed.. Quite a few Ups.. few downs.. and Poof! the year is gone..

2010 began with a small hiccup.. I had appeared for my C.A. Finals in late 2009.. and early Jan’2010 I managed to get through one of the 2 groups.. And as they say,  The glass is either half-empty or half-filled, depending upon how you perceive.. Looking at it now, the glass was MORE than half-full!! 🙂

The disappointment of missing it just by an Inside Edge made me more & more determined to do it the next time.. and with best wishes of my Parents,  friends, by God’s grace.. and a little of my own effort.. Mid-2010 and  I was officially a Professional.. a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.. It meant a lot to me.. I had given 5 years to it.. and finally it paid off.. Nothing more like seeing ur parents swell with pride!! 🙂

Then started the whole process of Job-hunting.. I attended the Campus Placement Programme and landed up a job with Wipro, Bangalore.. But I didn’t really feel like going.. I wanted to be here, in Calcutta.. So that I could work & be with Family, as well.. Not very ambitious, I know.. but that’s what I wanted.. Nevertheless, again began the not-so-good process of job hunting.. It was a tough time again, a low-cut period.. There was a time when I was almost ready with my bags packed.. Finally, I made up my mind.. The day of my joining in Bangalore went past and I was still here without another offer at hand.. Many thought that I was being a fool.. But for once, I didn’t want to think about what others felt.. I did, not, what I should’ve.. but ,what I felt like……….

And now after 2 months of working at the place I’m.. I can proudly say, this is where I wanted to be.. This is what I really wanted..

And yes, the most important of all… in the mean time, in between all the rustle-bustle.. I got engaged.. 🙂 It’s been a few months now.. and I’m on the ToW.. 😀

Now, 15 days into the New Year… I expect to work harder.. get married.. enjoy life and stay HaPpY..

I’m living a satisfied life…


As a Goodbye thought, I remember something I read somewhere..  

“It is only from the deepest of valleys, that one sees the BIGGEST and HIGHEST of hills..”

 Be happy.. Stay Happy.. Create happiness around u.. Have a great year ahead friends.. ta-ta! 🙂


With Love,




11 comments on “..of Low Cuts and HIGH ‘Hills’

  • Woot? You got engaged? Got yourself into a job and are happy about it? Looks like 2010 has had a lot going for you.. Good luck girl.. May god bless a happier 2011.. 🙂


  • Congratulations. 2010 has been rocking for you from what I read, good job, you like it, parents are happy, and you are ENGAGED? Now what else could have one asked for ha? Good luck girl.. may god bless u with a happier 2011..


  • Yayyyy ..!!! … Congrats for everything miss C.A. 😉 😉 😉

    P.S. I wish it won;t be much long before I wish you “Doodho Nahaao Pooto Palo” …
    P.P.S. Don’t dare forget my treat 😛 😛
    P.P.P.S. All the very best 😉

  • @LVS,
    Thanks! 🙂

    Thanks a lot… Yup got a job.. and yea im happy.. Congratulations to u too, once again! 🙂

    Thanks a lot.. Yayy!!! 😀
    P.S. – ROFL!!!!!!
    P.P.S. – OF course not.. Chd , i remember!!
    P.P.P.S. – Thank u again and wish u the same.. 🙂

  • so much happening on your front………….! i congratulated you way before but again heartiest congratulations to you for achieving so much!
    i guess your hat should be now full of “feathers” you had like to a show off! all the very best for life………………….btw i see only High hills no low cuts 😛

  • Nothing can be better than this when you are happy and you know it. I must say that you are an optimistic person and this spirit of your had helped you in your whole journey. Lovely dear and a heartiest congratulation.

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