Shnuuuu… aaaahhh…

Published November 20, 2009 by Ambika

That’s me, taking a gulp of fresh air.. (with a littttle tinge of cold) 😛

Yes!! Exams over..finally.. Good or bad??? Now that they are over after so much of waiting..who cares??? 😀 😀

So.. I’m out here after a loooong looong time… Too drained to think straight so just catching up with little tidbits..

To start with, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall from the stairs yesterday.. Just lucky enough not to break any bones.. Presently, my right-eye looks like this >>>>>>>


The Humpty Dumpty effect

Funny looking, eh?

It hurts!!!! 😡

Anyways… not out of the book-i-ness yet..  not even sleepy.. Suffering from jetlag or the study equivalent of it, whatever the word is!

 But I’m finally glad that I’m free to to do stuffs on my own now and not driven by some craziness which says “STUDY ONLY..”  I was tired of postponing my thoughts and daydreams and fantasies to a later time everytime.. Tired of watching people around me sound asleep as I waited for dawn to break.. Tired of missing out on movies, masti, family,my blog and my time..

But now..all’s done.. for the time being atleast.. I’m a free bird 😀 😀 A lot of shopping to do.. Old friends to hang out with.. Movies to catch up with.. A couple of weddings to attend.. and lots of partying to be done,, 😀 😀

Too many events lined up starting early morning tomorrow.. So off to my long-lost beauty sleep right now, before the red-iness of my eye turns black.. 😉

Good night 🙂



(1) Good to be back here.. 🙂

(2) Surprisingly.. I can still type effortlessly :mrgreen:

(3) Its a quick post. Ignore errors, ommissions and the monotony..


8 comments on “Shnuuuu… aaaahhh…

  • Lucky you…(not for the eye) but for end of exams.
    I can remember how lovely and free one feels when exams get over. No matter how badly one does.

    And give my best wishes to your eyes for their quick recovery.
    Let there be vision! Amen! 🙂

  • Hey,
    congrats! so ur finally out in open yet again! good… will catch up with ya soon.. tht’d be after 11th dec!! uff…long way to go… neways… tk cr… nd keep partyin[nd inviting ;)]

  • @Vikas,
    Thank you.. I know.. the eye really looks _______!!

    I slipped face down and hit the ground just above my right eyebrow. Hence the swelling and blood-clot, or whatever is the right terminology!
    Yes, no other choice so I had to carry that look through out!! No amount of make up helped 😛 It felt and looked quite funny!! 😛 😛

    You are right.. I’m really chilled out right now!! And thanks to your wishes.. Vision still exists! 😛

    Thanks ya.. finish up with your exams fast.. See you soon then!!! Good luck! 🙂

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