Published February 23, 2009 by Ambika

Merry Happy Holy Maha-Shivratri..!


Well, today being Shivratri, is a very auspicious day and a National Holiday too..! 😛  One of my favourite days as well, because I am a fan bhakt of Lord Shiva!  🙂

Anyways, so today I was asked (ordered) by Mom to get up on time (which is a relative term) so that we can perform the Shivabhishek , on time!!!

I am also fasting today… Mom says, when we fast, we shouldn’t be thinking about the  » mouth-watering Puchkas (pani puris), Papri Chats, the yummy Chinese bhel, the tangy Lays Tango (red wala, or even blue or green..), or the refreshing Cold coffee! Not even Chlormint – the 50 paise mint delight that i keep popping in every hour..!

Well, I listen to Mom, always (ever??) and I am NOT thinking about any of the above.. DO YOU GET IT ??? I am NOT thinking, OKAY..????  And I don’t care if I have a Toblerone pack lying in my drawer! 

Waise, its just 6:43p.m. right now.. Only about 5-6 hours to go before I sleep!

Oh no!! 😐

As I am righting writing this, I am also listening to songs, again something I am sure I am not supposed to do when I am fasting.. (as per mom, of course) but then I do a lot of stuffs that I am not supposed to.. 😛


Well..okay…finally, admitting to reality, I am here just to get my thoughts off the food. After I publish this, I have to gotta think of something else!! May be going to the kitchen watching a bit of T.V. shall help..! Let’s see! 😮

Till then, those who are fasting – All the best! And those who are not.. Bhagwan kare aapke khane mein namak kam pad jaye.. aapko mirchi lag jaye..and.. and……… …….

Calm Ambika!! When you’re fasting, you should have only Divine & Pure thoughts in mind..! (another Mom-speak)

Merry Happy Holy Maha-Shivratri.. to all.. once again!


P.S.:  I am a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva.. Just that the food part of it is a bit disturbing.. 😛 Otherwise I am happy to have fasted!! 🙂

P.S. 2: “Slumdog Millionaire” wins 8 OSCARS, including 2 for A.R. Rahman!! Whoa!! Yippee!! Yayyy!!! 😀 😀 😀

26 comments on “Maha-Shivaratri..!

  • Maha Shivratri!

    I always knew you were different and therefore more adorable (this post has only cemented the feeling). Few, if any, in the blogosphere would have a post on Shiv ji today or any other God for that matter! Bravo and kudos.

  • Vikas,
    That was a pretty un-conventional comment.. But then its always nice to hear something nice about one’s character.. So thanks a lot!! 😀 This post was meant for Shiv ji & food, of course.. 😛

    Hmm..and what would you’ve done, had there been no internals..?? 😛
    Now, don’t come back to read my instead!! 😉 All the very best to you & God Bless your examiners.. 😀

  • Vikas,
    Sorry..?? 😕 Sorry for what..?? 😀
    Comment threading..? okays.. thanks for the idea.. :)would try it soon 🙂

    Jai Ho.. 😀 Yea.. I was.. 😛 Great to have your comment after soooo long.. 😉

  • well had it been no internals I would have slept a bit more today 😉 ….

    can’t help not coming online ….. had to come to read the replies…. 😆

    Bless the examiners…indeed….hope they survive the ordeal…. 😛

  • I was at the place of work all day.. Most of it..
    Reconnected with a few old friends.. work tho as usual.. have got loads of it to take care..

    Write some popular blog.. how about a slumdog review.. i want t0 know u see it..

    Well well well.. I’m trying to say is that this post was boring! Harsh but true 🙂


  • hi,
    yaha sab log agar shivaratri k baare me baat kar rahe hai to mai b kuch puchana chahata hu…can anyone share shivaji’s atmalinga story?????????i mean how ravana got shiv’s atmalinga n how it broke into many pieces????????????if u know share it …………

    • Hi Ganesh..Welcome!
      I have no idea about how Ravana got Shiv’s Atmalinga but I did find it here
      You can have a look.. And thanks for asking the question..I got to know another story 🙂
      Hope to see you around, again! 🙂

  • India is a country of rich cultural and traditional heritage as well as diversity. Here all religious and mythological occasions are celebrated with equal zest and pomp. On the day of such Maha Shivratri you fast whole day and worship the Lord Shiva in the evening.

    • 😮 Only unmarried girls..??? My mom is a bhakt of Shivji too.. & I don’t plan to abandon him after marriage, either!!!
      But ya, unmarried girls are comparatively more fond of him.. 😛

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