La-La-Lala-La..!! :D

Published February 4, 2009 by Ambika


I am back.. And this time with a cool treat for myself…! 😀

Yeah! An award.. My first ever Award since I started blogging.. 🙂 Awarded by Arpit.. Its really an honour to have my first..!! Have a look.. 🙂

My 1st Award..!

My 1st Award..!

Don’t need to think why am I behaving as if I recieved an Oscar! Ask Harman Hurrr-Man Hurman Baweja of the 2050 de-fame fame.. How it feels to even get nominated for a category..! 😐

But don’t worry, I’m not going to bug you all with a Winning Speech!

The interesting part is – since the last few days.. I have been visiting my blog & others’.. replying to comments.. But everytime I think about posting something..I feel soo lazyyyy that I end up switching off the p.c. (yawn..)

Now, call it Divine Intervention.. or the joy of recieeiving this award that I am posting a post… 😛

Waise, there had been ocassions when I felt like writing about them.. Be it – the awesome semi-final match between Nadal & Verdasco.. Or Vettori 😳 hitting the winning shot against their first ODI against the Aussies.. Or be it India clinching the Srilanka series… Laziness played its part..And I ended up only thinking about Everything – and doing absolutely nothing..!

Even now I don’t know if ANYthing I write is making any sense.. NOthing means ANYthing.. And EVERYthing seems to be NOthing..!!

God! Help me again!

Anyways, my sole purpose for this post was to brag about my award.. Having done that.. I sign off on a jovial, yet, confused note.. ❓ I have important decisions to make – weather to skip bathing today (mom isn’t home, you see) or to make her feel proud! But that is only if I don’t fall alseep just after logging off from here.. 😐

(Sigh..) I didn’t know the heaviest of all burdens was on my little shoulders!! (sigh..) 

You too have a confused time figuring out my post..


P.S. – Yayyy!! I won an Award.. 😀

12 comments on “La-La-Lala-La..!! :D

  • Haha…
    Arey kaahe ki kanjoosi.. Party jarur milegi…
    Maine apne Event Manager ko sab samjha diya hai.. Bas kuch din mein arrangement hote he Party-Sharty hogi. 😀
    Bas aap sab Gifts ki taiyaari kar ke rakhe.. 😛 Kisi bhi din invitation pahuch jayega.. 😀

  • Well a very hearty congrats to U 😛 …When and where is the treat :D… do let me know!!! Proud to b associated with such great award receivers… 😛 :P……

  • Nandita, Harsh
    Thanks a ton..!! 😀 😀

    Hmm… Even I am waiting for a new post.. to come into my mind.. 😛 These days I have been too lazy to think about anything.. And even if I do think of something.. I am simply too lazy to write it.. 😉

  • Ambika

    You don’t have to, from now on, send comment reply notifications.

    As you must have noted, there is a checkbox below the comment box that says “Notify me of the follow-up comments on this blog” (Ofcourse invisible if you are already subsribed to that blog)..

    I got a notification of ur reply to my comment. Thanks WordPress!


  • Kunal,
    That’s a special privilege my readers get. And as the mail suggests you have no other options but to bear with the mails.
    Wordpress indeed has got this new service, and then there is the Comment thread always.. BUT i will still continue to send the mails.. It helps me pass a few lazy seconds..

    Thanks for the concern, anyways.. 😉

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