Are you someone’s “Eye-Candy??!”

Published April 29, 2009 by Ambika

Sitting in a class, hearing, for 3 hours, one cannot be expected to provide undivided attention!! Not Me atleast..never!! Specially when you are surrounded by some 299 others –  who come in different shapes & sizes & features! 😛 😉

And who tops the list  – the guys of course!! Ok now it doesn’t mean that I like gaping at every other guy I see.. But then its a basic girly instinct  to have a look & observe and comment!!!

Mr. Right

Mr. Right

I can have lots to comments on girls too.. But behold boys!! This post is strictly dedicated to you people!!! 😀 😀

Beauty lies in the eyes of…. Girls

The practical & intelligent of girls (like me) know, that boys are NOT supposed to look ‘beautiful.’ For God’s guy’s sake, spare them this humiliation. The adjective is meant for girls alone. Guys are Handsome..They are smart..and even good-looking and cute but strictly NOT beautiful!!! uhh!! 😡

Clothes maketh a Man

Now the first thing that gets noticed is your sense of dressing.. If someone is not nicely dressed, you’re most likely to be skipped! Harsh, (harsh – the noun, not Name 😛 ) but true it is.

A good sense of dressing again depends upon your built. A jeans & a Tee might not work if your lean & ready to be blown away by a breeze any minute! But if you have good biceps, I tell you, you’d look Hot.

Then again, Branded clothes definately fetch those extra head/eye-turns!! But then, I remember, once a guy sitting on the seat just in front of me. He had “Versace” written so many times over on his t-shirt..that every word spoke out clearly “I am anything but Versace!!”

Guys, brands don’t need to shout  – Look!! I’m BRANDED!!! They speak for themselves..!

To Raze or not to Raze

Ok, now this is a very debatable topic.  If you ask me.. Guys look weird if they are fresh-ly shaven. As if…umm.. as if.. someone has beheaded them.. I dunno.. something is just not right with that look.. But yes, if you have shaved the previous day & you are in my “To Check Out” List..then.. Ahem!! Ahem!! 😳   😛   😆

Accessorize Yourself

Aah.. interesting!!! Sadly, guys have limited options when it comes to accessories, compared to us girls!! But they do have what gives them style.

Watch – Aah.. big-dialled watches with leather belts, chains.. whatever be it make it elegant!!

Important point, watch is one thing to avoid if you don’t sport a branded one!!!!

Shades – Looks cool enough, but check twice if they suit your face. Don’t look like a Soordas. And DO NOT wear them inside a room..or at night!!! Sun glasses are to protect you from the Sun. and not to protect the glasses from the sun, lest  you start wearing them at night!! Huh!!

Hairstyle What I feel is, guys shouldn’t be experimenting much with their hairstyles or your girl might start experimenting with other guys 😉 Stick to your original cut. Hair colour, especially for you guys is gone…… So don’t try it. And plzz.. Chip off the Lionardo Di Caprio look.. Uhh!! C’mmon, its been ages since Titanic’s sunk!! There are other flop actors with good hairstyles! Try those!!!!!

Special Note (IN BOLDS): Accessories for guys DO NOT include long hair, ear studs, hairbands, ponies, tatoos and the like… Please chuck them off and spare the girls,or atleast me!!!! 😡

“CAR”ry It On

Who doesn’t dream of a Prince Charming with a White horse?? 😀

No one actually, on second thoughts.. 😛 Although a White Horse would be pretty economical, courtsey – Recession, but it would, however, earn you a few laughs rather than looks! But a Honda Civic.. Scoda, a Yamaha R15 or a Karizma.. ok a Lancer too.. ummm.. 8) If you are coming to college/club/wherever driving a 4-wheeler or even a motor-bike.. Well.. you obviously have an added advantage.. After all girls do like to flaunt guys who drive..

Others needn’t feel threatened though. For you, a Bus/Auto/Metro/Train ride might work just as well.. 😛 Pay the fare and get a full ride down to her station/stop/even home and enjoy!! 😛

Special Mention: For bikers who suddenly start thinking themselves of John Abraham of Dhoom, everytime they see a girl around!! They would twist & turn & skid & stunt & do what not!!! 😡  You foolish people!!! Why do you forget that you have got BIG hamlets helmets on your heads!! So once you’re gone, no one knows who you were and you’are a Nobody to Everybody!!! Silly boys!! 😡

So much, just to get noticed, huh?? But then who said to come in the good books of girls was easy?? 😛 It never was!! What you need is the Right Attitude, the Right Approach & of course the Right Girl!!!!!  😀 😆

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are that of the Author. They might not work with other girls, for which the Author holds no responsibilty. They might not work with the Author herself, for which she holds no responsibilty either.. 😉

Till then,

Have a wooing day,



P.S.:  I don’t know myself, why am I writing such a post. I don’t want guys to know how they can woo me, if they want to, that is!! No,  I strictly don’t!! Probably the post doesn’t suit me at all.. But then again…it’s MY Blog!!! So Never Mind!!!! 😛


23 comments on “Are you someone’s “Eye-Candy??!”

  • Ambika

    This is the last you’ll see of me..

    “I may not be Shah Rukh Khan, but I am Kunal and I have a personality of my own.. i consider myself handsome atleast when i see a Manmohan Singh as my Prime Minister :P”

    “I go to all the Non-brand stores.. not because i believe in ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’ mentality.. but more because I feel they are not worth the money.. You get trendy.. yet comfortable clothes in all local markets too.. and they dont have Versace written everywhere..”

    “I shave once a week.. may be twice at times.. always have preferred the bearded look, but some say i look better with a clean shave, which i do at least 2 days prior to an important meeting (a date?) so that it grows back.. I hate the clean Shave look”

    “U will not find anything other than a red dhaga forcibly tied by my mother on the wrist.. No watch.. No chains..Nothing at all.. ”

    “Shades, I don’t buy.. even if it is the hottest day of the season.. simply because i have spectacles to wear 😛 and i haven’t had the best hair style ever.. ”

    “bikes, fancy ones.. never a big fan of them.. Cars, I don’t drive..”

    There exists very least possibility that you would ever look at me in the crowd.. and since i’m deeply hurt to have read completely the opposite of me as UR choice.. This is possibly the last you’ll see of me 😛

    Kunal Janu
    PS: Does Blogging‘ with a 125 posts and over 22500 page views count?

  • Beauty lies in girls …. absolutely correct … no point denying that 😛

    and thanks for clearing out the implication of Harsh 😆

    It was so kind of you to list all these guidelines …. will keep all the points in my mind …. thnx once again for the tips n tricks … :mrgreen:

  • “Special Note (IN BOLDS): Accessories for guys DO NOT include long hair, ear studs, hairbands, ponies, tatoos and the like… Please chuck them off and spare the girls,or atleast me!!!! ”

    Hmmm…I too don’t like when a guy keep long hair…kano mein jhumka or etc bla bla…Bakwas namune lagte hain 😛

  • whoot! somebody is turning wicked 😛
    firstly clothes……………well i too personally feel that a lot can be judged from your dressing style irrespective of sex. right now i am high on slim fit jeans 😛
    hehe……….i got a cool pair for farewell and now i am wearing it every now and then.
    to raze or not to raze….. i cant say because i have a very dull stubble …..may be hormones are still not on their high……. 😛
    shades…….well i like my spectacles (precisely the rimless one)
    hairstyle………well everyday is my worst hair day
    only one thing i had like to experiment is with my hairstyle…….i dont like those spikes (less you are a porcupine) but i dont know what should i go for.
    and ear studs…………….yuk , i can puke at a guy who wears studs ……………it certainly gives a “dehati” and “arghhhhh” look .
    well as far as watches are concerned i think thats a very personal choice………..i hate those chunky , heavy metal wtaches ……gives you that “uncle look” ……….i prefer sleek and a trendy one ( i got one for myself from fast track on my birthday ) and i love it.
    anyways it was a total ” girls take on boys” post. didnt expect it but it was good for a change 😆

  • ok , i want the list of each and evryone who visits ur blog ….. ,

    on a serious note , wat a CRAP….. seriously , who wd like to do all those jhanjhats …. just one old tip

    just be who u are ….
    although , tht wont fetch u opposite sex’s attraction , but then , tip is a tip …. 😛

    wat the hell m i writing? 😕

  • OMG Ambika…
    Such a comprehensive approach on analysing guys??
    I never knew girls could think about us guys in such a ‘I don’t know’ what manner.
    Again…I must say, its a real WOW post that I being a guy, thoroughly enjoyed.
    And your disclaimer –
    “They might not work with the Author herself, for which she holds no responsibilty either”
    …really floored me.
    Awesome stuff…
    P.s. – I know that now, I can quote somewhere in writing, that girls are ‘branded’ slaves to an extent. 😉

  • Kunal,
    Hahaha!! Just like this post, this comment was also a surprise!! 😛 Waise, one needn’t be disheartened, coz once again I would like to clarify – These are my views, and NOT necessarily my choice.. But one can be a bit disheartened again, because what is my choice, is a different issue altogether.. 😉 😀 😆
    P.S.: I’m somehow loving the post more and more.. 😛

    You’re most welcome!! 😀 But then..don’t blame me if it has a reverse action.. 😛

    Welcome again 🙂 You’re absolutely right.. that’s exactly what it makes them look like – namunaas.. 😛

    Hehehe.. Even I didn’t expect this post..!! 😛 Considering your present age.. looks like you’re going the right way.. atleast thats what my post is suggesting.. 😉

    You got it right.. What the hell are you writing?? 😛
    Anyways.. Welcome ji.. 😀

    Thank you.. (bow).. Thanks a lot (bow again) 😛 😛 I think the girls think even more than this. But whoever said its easy to read whats on ‘her’ mind, huh? 😀
    P.S.: Not really.. Its just that you guys have far less options with non-branded stuffs!! But of course, Brands are Brands.. aren’t they?? So..there!! 😀 😉

  • I simply loved the post dear…..girls r born why use them for the boys…aur haan perfect example of smart guy.. Rohit was extremely true…..i agree… 😉 :P:IoI:

  • hahahah i am new to blogging and this is my first visit to ur blog…..hve seen myself through my eyes [boring]…wod be interesting to see myself through your eyes….lolz

  • Gautam,
    Thanks a lot!! You’re most welcomed to drop by again! 🙂

    Informative, indeed 😛 Thanks a lot!! 🙂

    Thank you very much for the honour.. 😛 Will drop at your site soon enough.. 🙂

    Finally.. great to see your comments after so long!! 😀
    So how have you been, and your exams?
    And thanks a lot!! Hope everyone benefits from this post 😛
    I checked out the link, the contest seems fun. But I’m too bad with images! But I shall submit if I come up with something nice. Thanks anyways.. 🙂
    BTW, “drive” a “cycle” Haha.. awesome!!!

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