Delhi – 6 exposed!!!

Published February 26, 2009 by Ambika

Just yesterday I was telling Kunal that a movie review would be boring.. BUT I realised today that.. if the movie is as boring, stupid, silly, nonsensical and HoRrEnDoUs as Delhi-6.. a review can be quite interesting to write!!

I am sorry!

I am sorry!

I dunno, I mean movies can be expected to turn out not as they are expected to be…BUT this bad????? So much that I’m compelled to write a review & vomit out my frustration?? I hate to do this to Delhi-6, but here’s the De-Review:-


Can you imagine in your wildest dreams, a communal riot in a locality on the issue whether the “Kaala Bandar” was a Hindu or Muslim..?? A no-sense plot with no effective moral. Apart from the writer’s LOVE for this ‘Kaala Bandar” & utter nonsense, there is no.. absolutely NO romance in the film!!!!

Want to know more about the story? There isn’t any..


Abhishek Bachchan – Plump & old with an annoying accent! This Burger-Chaap was a total disappointment..

Sonam Kapoor oops..Sonam Kapoor– I thought she was supposed to look beautiful and like the girl-next-door!!! Gawd..! I wish she stays next-door forever!!! Her role was as dispensible in the movie as was Cyrus Sahukar’s & Prem Chopra’s.. In fact, the entire movie was easily dispensable!!

(..sigh..) Anyways..

Divya Dutta – When the entire movie is a disaster, potential actors like her are easily wasted.. But still, whatever little Divya had to do, I found her doing complete justice to it!

MasakaliEvery dog pigeon has its day..!! In absence of any other WORTHY candidate, this beautiful gutar-goo can be regarded as the Actor in Female Lead..She atleast has a nice song dedicated to her!

Waheeda Rahman & Rishi Kapoor were really good at their roles, if they had any, that is!


Well.. I wish A.R.Rahman had nothing to do with this movie.. His music is undoubtedly a treat.. But the songs are so badly placed..Even a beautiful song like Rehna tu couldn’t find complete space and the picturisation? Abhishek playing pool with Rishi Kapoor! What a waste!!!

But yes, a song that indeed deserves a special mention – Dil Gira dafatan.. Amazing picturisation..beautifully shot.. the canvas effect was absolutely lovely to watch!!

Phew..finally I had something nice to say..!!


Ok, now here’s something where Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has a role, & an effective one!! The character of Old-Delhi has been shot really well in the beginning of the movie..Very original & authentic.. I personally liked a few other things.. Like the way an American-born-youth-visiting-India feels when he first arrives.

The difference between an Indian-Indian & an American-Indian.. For example, after Rishi Kapoor carefully drops Abhishek & his dadi (Waheeda Rahman) from the airport to their residence, Abhishek leaves with a – “Thanks for Everything” but his dadi immediately says, “Aise kaise ja sakte hain, chai to pi ke jayiye..”

The overwhelming love & affection of the neighbours on seeing them return when Abhishek muses “Sab keh rahe the dadi apno ko chhod ke India ja ri hai, yaha to samajh nahi aata ki paraya kaun hai..” and the “yaha nalo mein paani ho na ho, aankhon mein pani zaroor hota hai..” really caught my attention.

But a few high points doesn’t make the movie good..not even a wee bit. Aditya Chopra tried creating another “DDLJ” effect & failed. But “Rab Ne” was atleast watchable. But, after “Rang De Basanti” it was strictly unfair to give us this.

Actually, I’m now thinking if it even deserved a post on my blog..

A waste of money..Both mine & the producer’s. But, now looking back one good thing that happened was that we got a net discount of Rs.100 thanks to Rajeev Masand of IBN..

Till today afternoon, I wanted to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..” but as they say, ‘a burnt child dreads fire..’ So, now.. let’s see..

Till then, have a nice time listening to songs from Delhi-6 & if you’re still planning to watch the movie.. Go ahead, with pleasure! 😀


If you’ve managed to sit through uptil now, then please read on..

P.S.: I know the post is exceptionally long, & its probably making the review even more boring. But I had to do this, for my own peace of mind! Now that I’m out with it..I feel more relaxed. Thanks for bearing with me it.. 🙂

70 comments on “Delhi – 6 exposed!!!

  • Hilarious! The movie may be dull and boring but the review here is very exciting. It was effortless reading. I enjoyed it.

    You have a good sense of humour! In fact great sense of humour and you play with the language really well. I am even wondering if you are really an aspiring CA or journalist?! :

  • Good & Amal,
    Thanks a lot! I am glad that there’s something good about the movie – the ways its reviews are being written!! 😛
    Thanks to both of you for taking out time to leave a comment! 🙂

  • But one thing you forgot to mention -THE BIG B’s PRESENCE with a SENSELESS speech in the climax…but what climax?? What the f… Was DELHI -6 by ROM and is he the same AB?? He was gr8 in Guru, Dhoom…but after DElhi-6 i’ll think twice BEFORE WATCHING HIS MOVIE…
    BUT after reading your post i got my smile back …thank you ambika… 🙂

    • Oh yes,
      I forgot to mention the crap about Big B.. Eveninthe movie it had taken me sometime to realise what was happening while Big B & AB were trying to further fool the audiences. So thanks a lot to you Rohit, or he would have been deprived of this credit.. 😛

  • They should have named the movies as DELHI-“F”…
    What a crap of a movie?? I had been waiting for this movie for such a long time (feeling gr8 abt it)…and this is what I get….simple SHIT….
    man…what were they actually trying to do in the movie
    A pigeon here, a BigB there….couldn’t understand the motto..
    Yeah…keep up the gud work of exposing such movies and saving bucks of the guys n gals who haven’t seen the movie.

  • i was waiting for this movie…….specially being a delhiite i wanted to watch it
    no matter i will still catch on with it after exams 😛

    and hope your fasting and feasting went well 😆

  • Nandita, Dev, Arvind, Arpit, (& to all others who think the review saved them time & money..) 😛
    You all are most welcomed..anytime.. 🙂 I was just being a Good Samaritan, by warning you.. 😉

    P.S. (Dev): Delhi-F? How about simply WTF? 😛 😉 😆 Thanks for dropping by, btw! Hope to see you around again! 🙂

      • Well yea, good for the film if someone thinks that ways!! Amen!
        About the picture – As far as my experience goes, the Gravatar always seems to suit the personality of the commentator..So may be……………!!!!! 😛
        Thanks for dropping by, btw! 🙂

        P.S.:Aren’t you the one who’s better known as LVS..?? 😉

            • Hey, what does that mean Ambi?! Limit what?! To the extent I am aware the level refers to the levels of deep nesting; it has nothing to do with restriction on comments. This means that 3 levels deep will look less nested than 10 levels! That’s all. It has no other meaning.

              There must be some other error when he could not comment.

              3 levels deepa or 5 levels deep is the same on my theme and many other themes! You can make it 3 or 5 because this comment box is not in vision on the right hand side while I typed!

              • @vikas
                now you’ve confused me!
                i think it is like this:

                1) you can have any number of comments/replies
                2) subject to to limit of 10 (or 5 previously) nested replies
                3) but as long as the nested limit is within the above said value, you can have any number of comment/replies

                right? wrong? don’t know? :-/

              • Vidyashankar ji,

                Nesting only refers to location of the replies, it looks nested as here (3 degrees, 5 degrees, 10 degrees; degrees indicate depth!).

                It puts no limit on no. of comments.

    • Thanks a lot Ishani!! You were sure lucky enough!!! I too had friends who told me the film was ‘bakwas’ But then I had waited for the film for long, so had to watch it!! But, I don’t regret watching it now. Writing its review was pretty interesting… 😀 😛

      Btw, thanks a lot for dropping by. Hope to see you around again.. 🙂

    • I will second foodie Ishani. Next time Ambika you write something so good, amusing and socially useful you can submit to the Desipundit bookmarks by tagging it as ‘tipfordp’ in the delicious bookmarks. Recently I tagged my SM post to DP and it is still on their home page.

      • “Foodie Ishani..” hehe..
        Vikas, why wait for next time!! What if my fingers don’t type in the perfect words next time around!! 😛 Can’t I do it to this post of mine?? Should I just add a tag to the post – ‘tipfordp’ ?? F1 plzz.. 😐
        Sorry, Im not much into this tagging/bookmarking/ things.. 😛

  • All this ‘watching the movie-writing the review-exposing’ can come to an end..
    Transfer enough money to my bank accounts and i’ll watch the movie to review for you.. 😛

    People continue doing what they like even when warned! But who cares, I have a post to read.. and a good one to 😛

    (Blog update follows today)

  • Ambika

    For what was a ‘Vomiting’ feeling writing the post, Turns out a pleasure for you with so many comments..

    I think this is more like a mini Orkut Feed! 😛

    PS: Who in the world will now say that women power has not caughten up.. 😉

    • You bet!! 😀 Actually, can you name me some of other bogus movies so that I can de-review them..?? 😛
      This has been the most popular post on my Blog with 178 views!!!! (obviously its no competition to your Tata Sky.. 😛 )

      P.S.: Who in the world said so,inthe first place?? 😮
      😛 😉

  • Vikas & LVS,
    Thanks for discussing it within yourselves, because somehow I still don’t get what both of you mean! What I can understand is that ‘replies’ to a particular comment thread is limited to a maximim of 10. After which you have to comment separately.
    If it means something else..I have no idea.. 😐


    You guys are right. This is what the WP says:

    You control the conversation by setting the number of levels allowed in your comment threads, from 1 to 10. (Ten levels deep means nine replies under each comment — that’s a lot!)

    So, ambi leave it at 10.

    I am not alone; even Nitawriter thought the same! 😉

    You were wise; I am otherwise!

    • My 2nd apology,

      I wrote in my first apology that NIta writer had also erred. That is not true and I confirmed it from her.

      P.S.: I love saying sorry and apologizing. When I am married, I will deliberately tease my woman to give myself the opportunity to apologise, cry or say sorry! 😀

  • God!!
    This post has 54 comments, this one is 55th.. and getting insane..

    People talking about threading (I should call it nesting perhaps :P) this is running like a mini orkut feed..

    Well done Ambika.. Who says content is Important 😀
    I nominate Vikas for an award. 😛


  • ” If the movie is as boring, stupid, silly, nonsensical and HoRrEnDoUs as Delhi-6.. a review can be quite interesting to write!!” – Interesting theory that and one, which I couldn’t agree with you more on!! Interesting review, too.

  • Vikas – (1),
    Never mind.. 🙂 As I say.. Bade bade Blogs pe aise chote chote mistakes hote rehte hain..” 😀 😛
    Vikas – (2),
    Btw, even I am otherwise. I am wise, only otherwise.. 😉
    Vikas – (3),
    I dont think you will need the opportunity to apologise.. Chances are, she’ll make sure you do it!! 😀
    P.S.: Kunal nominates you!! 😀 😀

    Kunal – (1),
    This one’s the 59th.. 😀 😀
    “Who says content is Important” Can you please clarify further!!!! 😡 😐
    Kunal – (2),
    Credit reversed!!! (Central Excise Rules ‘2002) 😛 😀

    You’re right! That was the silver lining to it…cause I really enjoyed writing the review myself.. 😀 😛
    Thanks a lot for dropping by though..See ya again!!!! 🙂

    P.S.(1):It’s sure a delight to check your blog after 3 days.. 😀 😀
    P.S.(1):I love this post for the feedback it has got!!! Thank you all & Delhi-6 of course! 😀 😀

    • Yeah.. a mental one.. 😛
      Actually was busy with a family function.. and now I need a few days to get things into place.. Would be back soon..(hopefully) 😀
      Good Luck to you for your last paper.. 🙂

  • posts?????????? new posts?????????? kahan hai???????????????i am waiting to read a new post……and change the blog theme ………the same old one………….EXPERIMENT

  • Hi Arpit,
    Thanks for taking the pains to check the page everyday even though there’s nothing new. But, now I have finally got a new post!!! 😀 So have a look.
    The theme – I want to change it too..But too lazy to check them out! Can you suggest some theme?? 😛 😉

  • no space for ne further comments , so i’ll make it short…
    ambika , stop watching such shitty movies and start studying!
    although , interestingly ( and to my surprise ) , u may find a job as a review’er’ …, nicely written..!

    • Absolutely not. There’s always loads of space for comments. May be someday I will reach 100 comments on 1 single post. Oh! How I wish!!

      Know what, for the first time ever, anything good you say seems genuine.. 😐 Thanks… And I am studying, damn it!! 😡

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