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Published June 2, 2009 by Ambika

Helloz!! 😀

Im back with a nonsense post with no sense to talk about!!! Surprisingly, I have some time to think and write, right now..So I might as well write some crap 😛

Basically, I’m also bored, with nothing to do. TV has nothing good for me (apart from sports of course).. Roland Garros is boring to watch..  But the outcomes seem really interesting. Tough luck for both Nadal and Fedex:-

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The ‘NATIONAL’ Terrorists!!

Published December 2, 2008 by Ambika

Never in my life had I been glued to my tv set like on the 27th of Nov, 08. Bullets, guns, explosions… DEATH.. I have seen all of it before, on t.v. itself, yet somehow never ever felt it so closely.

But its been 3 days now, since the horror ended. A lot has been said, read and written about it already. I do not wish to add more to it. What I do write here is, some of my own insights, and a few questions, un-answered…

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Oops! I did it again!!

Published November 20, 2008 by Ambika

Britney Spears?? Yea, its her song. But, right now.. its Me who has Done It Again..!!!

Done what..??? Good Question..

I Messed up things.. pretty usual for me!! And I am Proud of myself for that.. 😀 Messing up things is ONE thing that/where/which (Use as & when necessary) :-

  • I am regular at.
  • I do with complete poise and dignity.
  • I am a Pro at.
  • There’s no one whose close enough to give me competition..
  • I am unstoppable when it comes to MESSing up!
  • I am a diversified MESS-er..!! (Mess-er?? uhh!!)

So, basically, I am the Messing-Up Queen.. or Messed-Up Queen, is it..??

What I usually MESS-up??

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