Silly Me..!

Published February 20, 2009 by Ambika

I never used to be this confused… But these days, I am.. And that too in great proportions! And Confusion combined with My Unlimited Laziness is a DeAdLy Combination! As a result,  I talk Silly..write Silly.. think Silly.. behave Silly and feel even Sillier..! 😐  😐   😐

This is what happened yesterday late-night..or today very-very-early-morning.. whatever..!!! Phew!

After I finished off whatever I was doing, ( as if I was working on an International project, huh!) I decided to finally rest myself to sleep. I switched off the p.c. and then switched off the lights… And then realised I can’t see where my (new  :mrgreen:  ) cell phone is.. I waited impatiently for about 14.5 seconds for the Signal light to blink……………

Nothing happened..! So unwillingly, I went back and put on the lights, spotted my phone, switched off the lights again and came to bed..arranged my 3 indispensible pillows, in order.. and slipped into the quilt!

Heaven!!  🙂

Then I decided to hear a bit of Radio before falling to sleep.. I checked and realised that the earphones are not plugged into the phone! Damn!!! I needed the lights again!

Laziness sets in.. Actually, it didn’t quite set in..its perpetually there 😛 So, I put my dynamic brains to work and put on the light of my phone itself & tried hard to get the earphone pin inside the phone! But, it wouldn’t go, obviously! I twisted the phone to every possible angle, but couldn’t make its light reach the pin-point!!

I then realised that I am trying to light the other end of a match-stick with itself..! You need an External Source of Light..You idiot!! That was my wiser self..! But even that is lazy.. 😉 I didn’t dare get up and defy my laziness! I struggled and sruggled.. and struggled & as they say.. “where there is a bill will..there’s a pay way…” 😀  My laziness in darkness won and my earphones were, finally, in place..! Yippee! 😀

I had an elating feeling & slipped back to enjoy my favourite Me-Time! Music..Mind..Me..and My Darkness! Oh..! how I love it..!! 😀 😀


Oops..did I miss out a certain  ‘M’.. ? Oh, yes..I did..! Mr. Mosquito! It was he who went “twing’ on my forearm! 😐


After all my efforts to avoid getting up to switch on the lights, I finally did..and switched on the ALL OUT that I had forgotten! (..yawn…….)


Does it happen to you? Not the same, but do you act stupid and silly at times/sometimes/always/ever..?? Or is it typical of me..?? 😐  😐

Do let me know please and sympathise.. Till then have a Silly day doing sillier stuffs..!!



12 comments on “Silly Me..!

  • I often act stupid and silly and I don’t mind it! I am often the odd man out.

    BTW, you can change things from the settings and allow full view instead of the snippet view in RSS feeds; it will be easy for your readers then.

  • Vikas,
    Thanks..I have a peer 😀
    BTW, initially the settings allowed the readers to have a full view. I changed it just 2 days ago..just in case someone reads the whole of it and then postpones the commenting part.. 😛
    Btw, thanks for re-visiting.. 🙂

    You got it right.. I did try that.. 😆

  • Vikas,
    LoL.. thanks for the tip.. Its more like, if someone reads it, I would expect them to comment.. But still.. seems like a worth try.. 🙂
    The email notifications – they are a special privilege my readers enjoy.. It also helps me utilise a bit of my idle time.. 😛

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