Published March 26, 2009 by Ambika

First, I am going to sue Kunal and Kunal and the IPL’s official website (in no particular order!) for stealing this title!!!

Second, Kunal you are linked on the very first line of  too many posts of mine, I realise!! Consider that a BIG, BIG honour! Care to pay me back???

Third, I hope all of you remember me!! I’ve been away for eternity now. Atleast that’s what it seems to me. And I expect to remain that way for sometime now. C.A. is, finally, taking its toll!! 😡 😦

Now, without making the post unnecesarily longer, I am disappointed, distressed, saddened (& many other such adjectives) that IPL is going  has gone away.. What’s the idea behind the Indian Premier League if its no more Indian!! 😦

Pushing aside the practicalities of it, IPL now holds no charm for me anymore, personally! Waise, the feelings are probably going to change once the tournament starts. But as of now.. I am plain 😦

Its like, you bring up a child and then send him abroad. He enjoys all the better amenities and future there, no doubt, but always misses the love and emotion that he had & would have received back home! IPL is that child to India!

The people in SA would sure enjoy the game with its technicalities..the Premier League!! But the Indian part of it is here. What difference does it make to them if its KKR or RR.. To them its only McCullam & Warne playing for another team, or a club.. whatever! They might as well name them as Team A, B and C..!!

IPL  is when Shoaib Akhtar bowls the deadly overs in Kolkata & the entire stadium can’t stop singing screaming to Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo re.. Do you think the anthem would hold any significance there, in SA??

IPL is when you find SRK along with his Bolly-friends, wearing his team jersey, on the KKR’s side, shouting at the top of his lungs, not as a team owner but as a Team member! Do you expect him, Preity Zinta or anyone else to be present for all the matches to boost up the morale of their teams??

IPL is when you don’t know whom to cheer for. For KKR because you are a Kolkattan or for Mumbai Indians, because you are  a Tendulkar die-hard!



I wasn’t able to attend any match at the Edens during the 1st season. But the very fact that the match was being played some 4 K.m. away, gave me goosebumps. The match on T.V. and the Floodlights that I could see from my window was enough to make me root for KKR more & more.

Now though, it would be just another game being played overseas 😦

The madness, here, cannot be compared to that of any other Country’s. Cricket, for us Indians, is the unofficial National Sport. And that combined with Regional Teams comprising of International players makes it nothing short of  an Idol-to-Worship!! 

I know, it might not turn out to be as bad as it seems, but these are the emotions that I, and I am sure many others, are going through. Probably the decision was made in the best interest of the game & country but I can conclude for sure, it doesn’t matter which country IPL is played in. The essence of it lies here & no where else!!

Signing off, sadly 😦


P.S.: The post is KKR biased, beacuse I hail from the city. No offence to other teams!!  This is one post without revisions & editions. Kindly bear!!


33 comments on “NRI-PL..!!

  • finally the most awaited post has been posted 😛
    ah……… hardly matters to me whether they play IPL in india or in england……………after all i am not getting the money honey 😛
    ah……………i sound so anti – cricket, but thats the way i ought to be 😆

  • in between ………… kuberick is a nice theme …i am currently using it…………….than there is one with banana something…………check them ………..and the new theme used by vikas is also nice 😛

  • Instead of having the IPL in a foriegn land, why not have the elections in South Africa?? Wow!!
    And just think that govt. is going to sponsor all 1.3 billions of us for the polls.
    And just then, my dream breaks 😦

  • The cherry on the cake is tat Dada is no longer the captain of KKR. I m sure tat if the matches would have been in India, the Kolkattans would have surely boycotted it….

    John should thank his stars.. He wants four captains for a single match.

    I am so disappointed…

    P.S.: The reply is KKR biased, beacuse I hail from the city.

  • It’s miserable; we had made plans for this year’s IPL which is now SAPL (SOUTH AFRICAN PREMIER LEAGUE) together at EDEN….
    I don’t know how popular it will be outside India…..
    I think this was our last opportunity to watch DADA hit those straight sixes in EDEN….
    But we will be singing KORBO LORBO JEETBO RE in front of TV screens and in PLEXES if it is organized there with the same emotions like last year…

    As rightly said by indecent…. The cherry on the cake is tat Dada is no longer the captain of KKR…
    Mr.Buchanan is drunk or what??why complicate things unnecessarily? its t20 not a world cup….4 captains…he forgot the rules…11 player including 1 leader…not 11 player including 4 leaders…buddha sathiya gaya hai…

  • Always Indian,
    Infact, I think its pretty innovative. Where shall we find such a diversified team?? 😀
    Thanks for your views anyways!! 🙂

    Vikas (1),
    Thanks! I prefer one with a customised header.
    Vikas (2),
    Thanks again!! Would surely check the link, Mr. Linked-In.. 😀

    Arpit (1),
    Why do you ought to be anti-cricket??? 😯
    Arpit (2),
    Thanks!! Would have a look.. 😀

    I think that’s a pretty good idea!! Then we can also have the South Africans vote for them as well.. 😛 What say?? 😉

    Thanks for the offer. Would sure think about it! 🙂

    Harsh (1),
    I have started the proceedings to due them!! 😀
    Harsh (2),
    Correction: Sue* 😛 😉

    Mr. Indecent (1),
    Welcome to my Blog!!! 🙂 I don’t think the Kolkattans would have actually boycotted it. There are far too many attractions in IPL to hold the crowd back!
    Mr. Indecent (2),
    Oh, so want to persue C.A. huh?? 😛
    Btw, can you be decent enough to put your name next time?? 😛

    Aah! Another of your valuable comments out of your precious time!! 😉 😛 😀
    Buchanan – buddha?? 😆
    IPL in the plexes?? Sounds exciting!!!! 😀 😛

  • well, I think like a parent, we ought to be proud of our child going abroad for a while.

    “beta, hum log ko elections hai aap be hum zyada dyan nahi de payenge…but coz we love you so much, aap SA aunty ke sath rehna is saal” 😀

    • 😆 😆
      Sahi hai..!! And then the beloved beta would find someone in SA, (as in the SA Cricket Board) & IPL shall perish.. 😛

      Thanks!! But I am about to vanish soon.. 😀 😀

  • I’d definitely miss watching the IPL (Live) not on Tv but with friends at the stadium.. I have always been at the stadium whenever the matches are played in Chennai.. And believe me, it’s no match to what we see on television.. A thousand other fans cheering beside you is just some experience..


    I wonder how many people actually sing Korbo Lodbo Jeetbo re? even at home.. I think it’s only popular at the stadium.. I think South Africa is a great country for Cricket and IPL is going to get the same response as it would have if hosted in India.


    “Moving the elections “, Dev, was not an option.. Moving 1000 players between countries is easier than 100 Politicians of our country 😛

    On second thought, Their Visas will be rejected 😛

    Thanks for adding me twice in the first line and not suing me so far 😛
    See what happens with your posts.. 22 comments already 🙂 You simply have to get back and scribble something 😛

    Pay me a visit!
    Read my Sports Blog:KJ @ Sports

    PS: Ambika mind recommending people to visit my sports blog and subscribe to it? 😛

    • Hey! I sing it..with my dad!!! Sachii!! 😀 😛

      What do i scribble!!! I need time for that too.. This time, I don’t want to write another haphazard post as this one!! 😦
      Ya i do mind recommending it, unless you start paying me!!!

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