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Paa’s Paa….

Published December 11, 2009 by Ambika

Yes.. that’s my grand pa.. ‘baba’ as I used to call him.. Someone I loved the most when he was with us..

I still do…

I was not only his only grand daughter.. but the only grandchild he ever had.. and like every grand father would.. he loved his little grand daughter the most!!

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All about loving our parents, is it??

Published October 3, 2008 by Ambika



 I was busy with my thoughts…

What if my parents some day feel they do not need me any more?? Would they leave me in a ‘Young Age Home??’

That would be a lot of pain to endure, to be abandoned by your own parents!!!

I tried to feel what that would actually feel like. No pain.

I tried feeling harder. Imagining myself crying out to NO-ONE. Still no pain. Weird.

But I think I have the answer. I did not feel the pain, because somewhere in my heart, I know such a thing would never happen. My parents loved me too much to leave me alone!!!


OMG!!! Does that mean they could do that to my grand ma some day? ‘NEVER’ said a voice inside, stronger this time. They loved her even more. I breathed a sigh of relief.

But then, don’t we all love our parents? C’mon of course we do!! What a silly thing to ask!

Then whom do we have such places for?? They aren’t surely unoccupied, are they? Or only people, who do not have a family, stay in those ‘Old Age Homes?’

Friends, what kind of children are those who leave their old parent(s) in so-called Homes, just because they themselves could lead a better life? I’ve never seen such people! But then, I’ve never seen God too, but He sure does exist.


“Mom, I want pizza today!” That’s a common chime, right? What difference would it make if JUST 1 DAY, we say: “Dadima, how about some Kheer made by you today!” Believe me, she wouldn’t even think once about her paining knees!

We talk about sports and stocks all day with our friends. What difference would it make if we spent a little time with our Grandfathers discussing their lifetime-experiences?

A little time less in front of the T.V. and a little time more with our Grannies & Grandpas wouldn’t harm much, would it? And for them, it would be a blessing!!

You have your parents and friends to turn to. You have your schools, colleges and workplaces to go to. You probably don’t even have much time for your own self. But grandparents? They have all the time in the world for you. And all they have is YOU!

For those who do not or did not have the opportunity of spending time with their Grandparents, there are always people like the one I saw in the balcony, looking out for someone who could give them a Moment of Smile!


“Ticket hoyeche aapnar??” (Have you bought your ticket? – Bengali) That was the bus-conductor calling.

Now, out of my thoughts, I went home, happy. I looked for my grandma and smiled. The joy of seeing me since morning was evident on her face. Strange, I never noticed it before.

I went up to her, and silently rested my head on her lap. It just felt the right thing to do. And this time, I did not have to look up to see, that her expressions were not empty!!


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