Know ME!!!



Hello Friends,

         I am Ambika from Kolkata. I am a Commerce Graduate and doing Chartered Accountancy.

        Well, I am basically a confused & a fun-loving person. I love to Keep Smiling and to make others do just that. I love Music. I love Masti.. I love Myself.. 😛

        Apart from that, I have a passion to read, which could be just about anything be it books, magazines, newspapers, articles, Google,  blogs and even news tickers. I also like talking a lot, so you can expect my posts to be looong enough 😀 ( just like this Know ME!!!)

        This my first blog ever. But I don’t promise regular posts. That’s because I am not commited to it. But then, I am not committed to ANYthing. Now that’s not a Characterial Deficiency as you must be analysing. I am simply LAZY to commit myself to anything.. 😀

       So I was a bit sceptical before I registered for the site. But then I thought, WTH – its MY blog. I can chose to write at whatever intervals I feel like, or not write at all.. 😛

      Waise, its not that bad either. Blogging is fun, if you keep getting good feedback and comments, that is  😉   So…hope you now know what to do once you are here! Thank You! 😀

     Life is Difficult (generally speaking 😉  ) so I prefer to look at it  in the most Humorous of ways possible.. After all, “Its a small Life” -Some Mr…. err.. Mr. Someone said so.. 😀

      So if you are here looking for some fun.. Bingo! You got the URL right!! Enjoy!!

N.B. – My posts may occasionally get serious – becoz life’s not always THAT difficult.. 😆


With Luv & Best Wishes,


46 comments on “Know ME!!!

  • Hi Ambika. . . .

    Its really good . . . .I also take some inspiration from the good blogs. Eagerness and our dedicated work help us to bring by our destination. I will pray to God for your success story in field of accountancy.. . . . And may your hobby smoothen your life. . .

  • Hi Ambika,

    Yes! I recently got your blog link from Abhay’s blog. I read some of your posts and it’s really nice way of expression. I will be a regular reader of your blog, also a regular commentor of your posts! So, dear keep writing. 🙂


  • Hi Rewa,
    Welcome to my Workshop!

    Thanks a lot for visiting-commenting-appreciating-committing.. 🙂

    I wish-hope-expect you would keep up the sequence going always.. 🙂

    Sweet Wishes!!

  • @ Lucky,

    Lol.. Yehi to mera Motto hai.. Check out the pic on the RHS of the page. It says it all 😛

    Btw, thanks a lot for visiting and commenting. Hope to see you around again, soon..


  • Heyy……..Dis is d 1st time i read ur blog nd i must say…”Gr8 blog”….I like d way u xpress ur thots…Seems like u give a lot of dat actual “Ambika” in here…..Nywys, Wishn u a Vry Vry Happy New Year in advance…Have a wonderful nd cheerful year!!!

  • Heyy Vikas,
    Welcome to my Little Mad-House 😛
    Thanks a lot!!! You’re right, all of it IS the actual “ME” 😀
    Glad that you liked it 🙂

    Hope to see you around again!!! 🙂
    Wish you a Rocking New Year (advance wala) too..


  • nice ” about me ” ……good that you have such an outlook towards life…… me being a typical gemini , am totally unpredictable ( i got so badly irritated i thought of deleting the blog! )
    but you see once you shed such apprehensions blogging is actually fun 😛
    besides commenting is i think a privilege and boosts up the confidence to write more. so do keep on writing. adding you to my blogroll. nonetheless we have some similarities and i hope to drop in soon 😛

  • Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    Btw, deleting your blog??? oops..!! Hope you don’t have such bouts of unpredictability anymore 😛
    Waise I am not that clear-headed as well, as I said I am a “CONFUSED & a fun loving person” I change my mind every nanosecond.. 😀

    Thanks for adding me. I maintain a mental blogroll, & have added you there.. 🙂

  • Vikas,
    Thanks a lot!! 😀
    I’d surely visit Alice’s Blog in Neverland.. But she has the same WP theme..?? 😆 what a similarity, must say.. 😛

    P.S.: Had my bath.. finally.. 😉

  • Thanks Ambika. . .

    I am really happy once again. . . . Oye. . . Why ?Oh. . . My name is on the top of your blogroll. . . . But afraid too. . . Cant tolerate any interview 1st. I had always bad luck to face 1st as my roll no was always 01(One). . . . . But now happy. . . .

    • Haha yea.. There’s no one else who managed to come ahead of you (alphabetically) 😛
      You don’t have to worry about being interviewed. The maximum you’ll have to suffer is Comments on your blogs, which is good, right?? 😉 😀 😛

  • I was just trying to find out the spatial errors made by the statistical widgets (all my three stat widgets say you are in Kanpur)!

    I think it is because it shows the location of the central server of your ISP; your ISP Reliance Communications must have its server based in Kanpur, hence the error! 😮

    • I have absolutely no idea.. All I know is that, I have a Reliance Communications Broadband & I am located in Kanpur (in the virtual world!)
      So, probably what you say is right!! 😉

  • hi…i hv been 2 ur blog 2dy ..i really lyk & njoy reading ur blog….its a fascinating one….i appreciate the way u put across ur thoughts ….u r a funlvng n bindas gal who can make anyone smile n laugh….hope u vl b the same all ur lyf…..happy frndshp day…..keep writing……

  • hi…i hv been 2 ur blog 2dy ..i really lyk & njoy reading ur blog….its a fascinating one….i appreciate the way u put across ur thoughts ….u r a funlvng n bindas gal who can make anyone smile n laugh….hope u vl b the same all ur lyf…..happy frndshp day…..keep writing……

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