It’s a Boring After-Life!!

Published May 24, 2010 by Ambika


..and also a boring way to begin a post.. that too after err.. 5months-13 days to be precise! 😡

And no, I’m not refering to the latest movie by Miss Bend-it-Like-Beckham! I’m talking about the life of this Little Miss who is writing the post.. Her after-life!

Life post-mortem is peaceful.. & peaceful is B-O-R-I-N-G!! And I have no idea what the hell am I writing!!

Exams over.. and gone are the days of privileges & perks. Gone are days when – “I was an extraordinary kid who is busy studying day and night & who will make my mom proud!!” It hurts to see your own fellows treat you like a no one once your overrated exams get over!

1. No more being spoon-fed by your mum! Help yourself!!

2. No more getting trays of water,  juices,  and the likes ready on your seat. No more not getting up for anything & everything!

3. Time to search for your clothes yourself & iron them too!!

4. No head massages!!

5. Even worse, no – “awww, take some rest! Sleep for a while..go watch a movie!” *sob*

6. And the worst – No sleeping and waking up at your will! *howl* 😦


So basically, I’m now a sub-ordinary child who doesn’t even care to put her things at the right places unlike some super-brilliant, totally-disciplned, much-younger cousin of mine! 😡 Too bad that kids-at-home-after-exams are such BIG liability!! 😦

But we kids are too trained for this kind of mom-stuff, aren’t we?!! 8)

My problem is, now that I’m study-less, job-less, work-less and nothing more, my singlest of electrons, protons & whatever-was-the-3rd-called (neutrons? neurons?  Newton? 😛 ) are bored to death!! I’m tired of switching between switching channels on t.v. and sleeping..

Yes! sleeping, defying point no. 6 above.. 😀 I told you we are the best when it comes to disobedience to moms :mrgreen:

Of course there is a whole lot of work to be done & errands to be run, but who cares!! These won’t get you a professional degree, so why bother!! 😉 

So, here I am back to a little writing, a little reading, a little this and a little that & loads of sleeping. I can’t believe I’m so lazy I ain’t even looking for work. I did try to make a C.V. for myself though, not to mention there was nothing much to put in there other than my personal info, and a few silly certificates when I was.. what? In the 2nd grade,  may be!

Gosh! Am I this bad and hopelessly sad?! :O But, yet, I miss the overflow of maternal care pre-exams & I’m too proud of taking undue advantage of it 👿  😛

Nevertheless, if exams are what it takes to have these perks, I’m better off being an underprivileged *sigh* After all who likes to wake up to books and then again sleep over them, all the time.. I was so tired of counting how many minutes would I be wasting if I decided to take a quick-bath!!

So, here I’m again.. bored.. nothing to do.. nothing to write..simply testing the patience of my readers & bugging them to death.. (& then ending it abruptly coz I can’t think of anything else to write) 😀

Have a boring day ahead!

Chao!!!!!! 😀


2 comments on “It’s a Boring After-Life!!

  • hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! boring post exam life……..and right now i am suffering from the pre exam trauma……lucky you! just hang on because soon you would be again busy with the utter mundane life………….go watch some good movie……… a lot of good novels……………blog more………travel……………… with friends……………… whatever you want but mark my word………..very soon you will miss this time…………….so go out and live your life 🙂 😛

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