Pages to read before I sleep!!

Published August 1, 2009 by Ambika

*blink* Where am I?? *blink* *blink*

Looks familiar though.. *blink*

Okay Ambi,  enough of overacting! 😛 Im on WordPress.. My very own blog.. which is fortunately not yet extinct!! 😀 

To cut short a boring story even shorter..I have got my C.A. finals FINALS in November. And I have been quite busy with “Group Studies” off late!

“Notwithstanding anything contained anywhere or whatever, “Group Studies” for this purpose means more of “Grouping” & quite a bit of “Studying..”

Trying really hard to be “Around the syllabus in 80 days” I’m either away at my friend’s place for half a week at a stretch or else have them at mine.. And yea not to mention, my mom is very proud of me.. 😀  atleast till the results are out!! 🙄 (btw, 80 days was just to match it with the title..its actually more than that 😛 )

So basically, that’s the reason why you will not find much of my email forwards that you enjoy reading! C’mon..I know you do :mrgreen: And very unlikely to find me on chats either!!! But, if you still want to get in touch.. mail me 😀

(With no offence – wondering why Harsh chose to tag me!! Anyways Harsh, If you don’t mind, I will do it “soon!!!!” Don’t know how soon is the “soon” though!!! Showwy!! 😛 😉

Aah.. btw.. I have started tweeting.. It’s pretty * (fast!! + confusing!!) 😯

Finally, before I sign off & go back to the !interesting! life am leading these days.. Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been doing these last few weeks!!

N.B. – We (as in, my Group-Studies group) have resolved to watch atleast 1 movie a day..or else we shall skip 2 hours of studies!!! And that precisely explains the following:-


Progress, if any!!


Signing off,

Ambika – The Hopeful FCA!! (Future C.A.)

Btw, by no means, shall I allow anyone to think of me as a *nerd-who-is-drowned-in-books* as I don’t like people using abusive language!!! Thanks!!


7 comments on “Pages to read before I sleep!!

  • Your so called ‘progress’ is much better than what I used to achieve when I was a so called ‘student’ who was trying to use a so called ‘verb’ called studying. 😉
    Good luck…

  • yeah! we surely see the future CA in making! and may you clear your exams with flying colors. 😛
    all the best!
    and i am too thinking of tweeting now, though i am a bit apprehensive about it!

  • I have a kostin on your graph!!
    1) How do you differentiate %age started and %age complete?
    2) Mgmt accounting etc is more complete than Accounts (by %age value). Yet the graph talks something different. Explain.

    Sorry, couldn’t contain myself…:P

    Btw, if no one has said it before, I like the Ambi-ance around here 🙂

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