Nauman: No-man to Now-man!!

Published April 27, 2009 by Ambika

After all the hassles, dog & cat-fights, strategies & everything, Nauman has finally won the title of Rowdies Roadies, Hell Down Under!! Not that it makes any difference to me.. but he has won it nevertheless.. He was considered to be a NO-MAN who didn’t perform & could win only against female contestants!! But NOW the MAN has won the finale and proved everybody wrong!! 😀  



Almost everybody watches Roadies.. don’t they?? 😀

Even I try not to miss it.. the only difference is, I watch it only so that I don’t feel left out amongst all who discuss it every Monday!! 😛

Basically I had liked the post-title so thought of writing a few lines about it! But now that I’ve started.. I don’t know how to continue.. 😐 Im in no mood to discuss the show! It makes no sense..! The only high point of the show is the host – Ranvijay!!

Anyways, my blog is gradually turning into a My Dear Diary with nothing to post about. So kindly don’t comment on that.. I know that already! 😡

In another part of the world, Delhi Daredevils win yet again against Kevin’s RCB.  However, RR lost their match to Kings XI Punjab…. 😦 Waiting for Shane Watson to return.. 😐

Coming back to India again, its election time here.. And here I am still struggling to get myself an identity!! 😐 Yeah.. I don’t have a voter’s id yet.. and nor am I registered to vote..

And yeah, you read it right.. you DON’T need a voter’s id to vote. A Voter’s Id is just like any other Identity proof! You may vote with any other proof as well, provided you are registered to vote. This is some important piece of information I learnt, courtsey  

P.S. (1): I do have a PAN card.. 😀

P.S. (2):hardly have any income!!! 😐

Anyways.. My post has become like a Roadie itself – doesn’t know what it is upto & where is it headed to!! I am now tired of trying to relate the title of my post to the post itself. So I sign off here. No obligation to like the post. As I said, I wanted to post just the TITLE!! 😛

Ta-ta people!! Have fun!!

Ciao!! 😀

15 comments on “Nauman: No-man to Now-man!!

  • Ha. . . . Ha. . . . .
    Like your post . . . .
    one of my senior was Nouman or you may say Numan ,but we never said him Numan rather Hanuman that irritated him.
    And i dont have lust with cricket so no comment. . . .
    Hmmm. . . . . I like voter i.d. More than the election as many of my works are solved in minute with it. . . So just have id.

  • I started watching the show when Ashu was about to win it last year…and boy, what game he plays. Straight and simple. Brilliant. I never had any favorites this time except Roop (Ooooohhh!!! For obvious reasons 😉 ).
    But atleast Noman or Nowman or whatever is atleast better than Pollomee!!! (!!)
    I just hope that I am able to vote this time and I just hope that Mumbai Indians make my dream of winning IPL true this time. (MI Rock)

  • the abusive language turns me off.. especially girls using such language.. god!
    saying that, i didn’t miss a single episode, because i wanted to learn how not to be bad..

    No comments on No-Man

    About the post.. u sure know how to start things off and end it.. it’s natural to u and something that i need to pick up..
    EVen if turns out to be ‘My Dear Dairy’ I will be interested in reading what you’ve got to say..

    Kunal Janu

  • Abhay,
    Thanks.. But you don’t like cricket?? 😮 😮
    If u have a voter’s id, may be u could experiment with voting this time.. 😀

    Same pinch!! 😀
    And why just MI.. Every other team has been thrashing KKR this season. Even the KKR team players are thrashing each other!! 😛

    Roop, huh? Ahem! 😛
    Btw, which city are you from??
    Mumbai? Yeah.. Its really coming up as a strong team with some fab players on its side! Still.. My heart is with RR & Delhi!! 😀

    So did you learn anything at all?? 😛
    Waise, thanks.. And yea.. ‘My Dear Diary’ would be boring.. nothing happening in life either.. 😛

    P.S. (to all ): With this post I have crossed the 500 comments mark on my blog! Obviously the count includes my own replies but a Comment is a Comment!! Thank you to all of you for contributing 🙂
    P.S. (Vikas): Your’s was the 500th comment! You deserve a special token of thanks!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Actually, I am not from Mumbai.
      But still I have some reasons for supporting the team.
      And if I, indeed had to support the team nearest to me, it would have been DD & RR (Same as you) 🙂
      As far as Roop is concerned…Ahem Ahem 😉

  • hmmm…..
    talkin abt ipl , whose the biggest loser tht comes to mind….. tadaaan …. KOLKATTA KNIGHTRIDERS …. they are more of “night”riders…. only dream of winning and chewing away( Courtsey SRK ) the opponent . congrats ambi 😉

    regarding the post…….
    How in the world , cn nebdy evn think of writing a post on ROADIES!! How i describe roadies is ” Its the highest profit earning worst show of television industry ” and the surprise is… the target segment is youth and still such a stinky show gets away with high profits …. time to make a view about the indian young souls … DISASTROUS……
    I guess tht would make a fine post …. ” roadies and the reasons to its success ”

    regarding voter registration ,….. sme1s had an early realisation ….!! at least i m done with my voter id and registration …. !

  • Dev,
    Well they are not the team nearest to me.. I’m from Calcutta.. 😀

    You’re right. Even I would’ve loved to see Sufi win..

    Thank you.. 🙂

    Yea.. The Knight Riders are becoming the Dark Knights.. 😛
    The Post – As you must have read, the post holds no connection with Roadies or the title, for that matter!!
    Someone sure has become pretty fast at getting things done..!! 😛

  • I enjoyd roadies 5.0..HELL DOWN UNDER.. i favourite was sufi but still i m happy that atleast Palak didn’t won the title:P…..i dont like cricket so no comment on that… vote…hmmm this time i m gonna vote for the first time….
    Good coverage Miss J_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.:D

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