Mere saamne wale ‘WINDOW’ mein…

Published December 9, 2009 by Ambika

Ek Chaand ka tukda? No.. Ek Devil ka baap rehta hai…. 😡

..and the name (itself) is WINDOWS.. Microsoft WINDOWS!! ta-na tada.. tada-da!!! 👿

Yes, its a Devil…. Because it has made my life (pc?) a living hell.. I have no CTRL on what I ENTER on my pc. My so-called ‘Personal Computer’ is no more my ‘Personal..’ I drugged it with The WINDOWS and now it is showing signs.. It works as per the mind of The WINDOWS, if The WINDOWS has any of its own, that is.

Very recently, my system had become a Trojan-ranch.. The favourite hangout of all breeds of Trojan. They came..They played..They ate..and they stayed……….

But then, the only problem with my system was that there were Trojans!! Other than that, everything was working pretty okay. But now, that I’ve gotten them removed, system formatted, everything solved..nothing seems to be right!!!

I have gotten duplicate folders, unknown danger-looking files, etc. out of no where. I suddenly have a new background on my desktop with lines and lines of coding, ok not coding, but ‘whatever’ written. Have a PrintScreenSysRq look…

Yeah, that was the desktop The WINDOWS gifted me with. Doesn’t it look like one of those ‘death-threats’ that one suddenly finds in front of his eyes, like on Horror shows.. 😛

Again, they (they who? virus, trojan, I don’t know. The WINDOWS perhaps) seem to have some serious issues specially with the songs on my hard disk. Songs after songs are disappearing when

1. I open the folders.

2. I refresh the folders.

3. I play the song.

4. I check the properties.

5. I stare at the screen!!! 😐

Each song plays for 3 secs..or 5 secs.. or even for the entire duration, depending upon its (Goddamn) will! Else, the song might stop and a silly website might pop up.

As per latest (death) Census, more than 2000 songs dead, and as many dis-abled. The one’s missing aren’t even at the morgue (Recycle Bin.)

Currently I’m running Quick Heal which doesn’t show any threat. So what is the problem, I have no idea! So I’m assuming its The WINDOWS! (I’m dead sure, its pretty much this **** fellow!)


Yes.. yes.. I know.. There are other OSs and I needn’t stick with The WINDOWS. But first I need to do some information-hunting and then decide what might be done. (I’m open to F1 as well..)

This whole thing is driving me crazy. I’m in a NUM Lock, CAPS Lock, SCROLL Lock state and I don’t know how to go about using my system, anymore. For now, I’m ESC the saamne wala WINDOWS of mine as soon as this post is done away with! 😕

I’m off to watch the India-Sri Lanka T20. Wishing everyone a chaand ka tukda in front of their Windows.. 😀 😛


P.S.: I’m no Computer Wizard. So kindly spare me for the use of wrong terminologies. Most of the people I know are S/W engineers. So don’t hunt for every mistake you can! Bhawnao ko samjho! 😛 😉


9 comments on “Mere saamne wale ‘WINDOW’ mein…

  • You can shift to Linux or Mac if you are so irritated! Or use a strong antiviru like Kaspersky with Windows! They are selling it cheap for Indians (almost all anti virus companies now). If you want free anti virus you can use the strong MIcrosoft security essentials if you have genuine windows

    Quickheal is crap (desi company). If your anti virus does not show threats it does not mean there are not any!

    You will also need to format you system (it must have affected all areas) and feel free to curse yourself if you have not backed up your data.

    If you want to shift to Linux

    All the best.

  • Acha hai par kacha hai 😛
    Every computer has a life span, and according to the torture your computer has been thorugh, It should have died 3 years back! 😛 How do i know this? Try facebook, it seems to know everything!
    Mere samne wale window mein abhi phil haal kuch nahi ho raha hai!

    Kunal Janu
    PS: U should rather try using avast Antivirus, it’s free and is better than norton or quick heal (hell?)!

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