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Published June 2, 2009 by Ambika

Helloz!! 😀

Im back with a nonsense post with no sense to talk about!!! Surprisingly, I have some time to think and write, right now..So I might as well write some crap 😛

Basically, I’m also bored, with nothing to do. TV has nothing good for me (apart from sports of course).. Roland Garros is boring to watch..  But the outcomes seem really interesting. Tough luck for both Nadal and Fedex:-

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Nauman: No-man to Now-man!!

Published April 27, 2009 by Ambika

After all the hassles, dog & cat-fights, strategies & everything, Nauman has finally won the title of Rowdies Roadies, Hell Down Under!! Not that it makes any difference to me.. but he has won it nevertheless.. He was considered to be a NO-MAN who didn’t perform & could win only against female contestants!! But NOW the MAN has won the finale and proved everybody wrong!! 😀  



Almost everybody watches Roadies.. don’t they?? 😀

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Tax Frac-ture in India!!

Published April 12, 2009 by Ambika

When you’re tired & sleepy.. CTRL C + CTRL V comes pretty handy.. Enjoy if you can… Comment if you don’t!! 😉 😛

1) Qus. : What are you doing?

Ans. : Business.




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MAMTA BAN..err..Jee..!!

Published January 4, 2009 by Ambika

O Hail Mamta..!!

I am sure everyone knows her. And why not, she hasn’t left a single stone un-turned to ensure that everybody does. But still, for the sake of information, she’s the Trinamul Congress (TMC) Party leader. Besides she also HaPpEns to be the one behind most mis-HaPpEnInGs that keep HaPpEnInG in West Bengal (W.B.)

I feel, she sure must’ve had something to do with a CAR in her previous re-inCARnation..! That’s because,

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The ‘NATIONAL’ Terrorists!!

Published December 2, 2008 by Ambika

Never in my life had I been glued to my tv set like on the 27th of Nov, 08. Bullets, guns, explosions… DEATH.. I have seen all of it before, on t.v. itself, yet somehow never ever felt it so closely.

But its been 3 days now, since the horror ended. A lot has been said, read and written about it already. I do not wish to add more to it. What I do write here is, some of my own insights, and a few questions, un-answered…

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Published November 12, 2008 by Ambika

Its been loooong since I have posted something. Not that I have nothing to write about. But I have no time to sit and write it out. Even this post is an extract from what I read in the papers day before yesterday with a few (infact, quite a few) additions from my side. 

So if someone who has read that paper, finds ANY or MANY similarities, then its purely INTENTIONAL…!!!! – DISCLAIMER

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B-R-e-a-K-i-N-G NEWS!!!!

Published October 12, 2008 by Ambika
  • George Bush signed the N-Deal today.
  • Delhi Police defuse a live bomb in the Capital.
  • Another 10 die in Orissa flood.
  • World Economy – Engulfed in turmoil.
  • RBI cuts CRR rate by another 100 bps.
  • Sensex plunges below 10,000 levels. Four commit suicide.
  • Three people die of hunger in a village near Gwalior.


Oops.. I am so sorry guys, I was so caught up with the EvErYday NEWS, that I forgot about the B-r-e-a-k-i-n-g NEWS!!!! Here I go..

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