My Meeky Mouchê..On the Rocks!!

Published January 7, 2009 by Ambika
My Mickey Mouche

My Meeky Mouché

 That’s a Historic piece of Art.. [Almost like the “Madonna on the Rocks” eh?] 8)  The Details……

      Dated:      Some date in December’2008. 4.30P.M. IST

      Place:       India>WB>Calcutta>Residence>My room>The Bed..!!

  Location:     The back-side of my Wealth Tax Study Mat..Vol 1 of 7 😐

Inspiration:    ” U/s 5(i) of the Wealth Tax Act, any property held by an Ass-Ass-ee Assesee under trust or other legal obligation for any public purpose, which is of charitable or religious nature in India (excluding assets of business other than business carried on by an institution/fund etc. referred to in Sections 10(23B) and (23C) and business referred to in Section 11(4A)(a)/(b) of the Income Tax Act.) ”

Yes! That actually was the Inspiration. I was bugged, hence decided to give Studying a chance (Studying » to kill a Bore-bug; imagine the intensity of Boredom!!!). I first FliPpEd open my Wealth Tax Book, then FliPpEd a few pages, & then FliPpEd the book back to its original state, almost immediately! 

When you read a Paragraph like THAT (read – Inspiration!) and nothing goes Inside, many other things come Outside..!! “My Meeky Mouchê” is that ImAgiNatIoN, in-writing!!!

Had I read a paragraph more, I’m sure “My Meeky Mouchê” would have been joined by a Minnie, a Donald, & a Pluto..

Anyways.. over all, “My Meeky Mouchê” seems fine.. However on a 2nd look, the Da Vinci I am, there are a lot of discrepancies.. The arms are twisted, there’s no neck to hold the head, the ears are of different sizes.. etc!!

Hey, hold on! What am I doing?? It’s your job to find faults!!! But, before you start finding AnYtHiNg, here’s the Thesis, Anti-thesis & the Hypothesis of the diagram:-

My Meeky Mouchê - Redefined

My Meeky Mouchê - Redefined

  ♦ Stop straining your eyes just for saving a Click. So please ‘Click the Pic’ to get a better view..!!!!!

After that pic… I am not writing AnYtHiNg else..! It took a lot of my absent-skills to Ready it to perfection..!! Phew..!!


P.S.1.:  For your own sake, DO NOT ask me – “Why did you have to do ALL THAT non-sense..!!” BUT in case your Curious Cells still want to know.. FRUSTRATION is the word.. okay..?? 😡

P.S.2.: Please excuse me for the Fultoo use of “My Meeky Mouchê” again & again.. 😛 I know it kind of gets on to the nerves.. hehe.. 😛


19 comments on “My Meeky Mouchê..On the Rocks!!

  • Dear Ambika,
    my advice to you
    1.Close stand-by-eyes with strong will power
    2.Make left ear as bigger as himalya
    3. Mock look only during break
    4. Visit my blog 2ice daily 5. Brain drain. . . If problem not resolves.

    Dr.Abhay Kumar

  • Rahul,
    Thanks.. 😀 But only the ‘writing’ part.. The ‘preparing the pic’ part was…. 😐

    Dr. Sahab – Abhay,
    1. It constitutes 87.63% of my ability. Without it, I would be doomed.. 😐
    2. On the contrary, it gets smaller day by day…
    3. The look only keeps getting worse..!! 😡
    4. 5 times shall become a bit too draining.. 😉 But once, for sure 😛

  • nice work,
    the most fabulous part was the inspiration that inspire me how correct i’m in choosing engg(though not interesting as C.A.[:p]) keep it up….

  • wow!!!

    This reminds me of advicing my friends not to take up C.A. as a career when we all were sitting in our college’s canteen and discussing our futures….. 😛

    By the way , Ambika , your Meeky mouche is very chweeeet and interesting too 🙂

    All the best for your future and keep coming up with such posts……its fun reading them!!!


  • Well!!! I had a smile as big as ur Meekey Mouche…and that tooo a real one..mayb bcoz i’m not going to b FCA 😛 :D…I really enjoyd it a lot…. Keep writing such mails in order to let people have the laughter exercise and bless U dear.. 🙂

  • Vikalp, Puja, Nandita,
    Thanks a lot.. 😀

    These days everyone keeps reminding me, how happy they are for NOT having to do anything with C.A. 😐
    And thanks to Mr. Ramalinga Raju.. All my dreams of doing my Industrial Training from PWC are currently in the Recycle Bin.. 😦

    P.S. Puja – Sorry I edited the ” very chweeeet & interesting, JUST LIKE YOU” wala part from your comment…!!

  • Difficult to understand …as I m weak in Finance and English 😉

    PWC mein jake kya Creative accounting seekhna hai 😛 pehle CA logo ne IT ki watt laga rakhi hai ……..

  • Kunal,
    Thanks..!! 😀
    Btw, thanks for your idea as well..!! Know what, I have arranged for a jeans-kurta-jhola set for myself, just in case C.A. doesn’t happen to me!!!! Way to go!! 😀

    Hehe.. Thanks a lot..!! Reality needn’t be “kadva” always, its sometimes funny too.. 😛
    Thanks for dropping by as well..! Hope to see you around! 🙂
    Aah, btw, you said its become “funnier” after redefinition.. you mean the original looks funny..?? 😐

  • An amazing piece of ART surely.. redifining the renaissance form of art where every simple illustration had a deep inner meaning (only that it has the outer meaning as every thing comes Outside..Hehe)…… The Institute shud though replace its boring emblem with the quintessential My Meeky Mouche as their emblem..surely it would enliven the boring course of CA a Bit ..wat say!!!

    • I say – Why not!!!!! After all this is more realistic & appropriate..Who better than us to know, right?? 😛 😉
      Btw, thanks a lot for dropping by Priyanka.. Keep dropping.. 😛 🙂

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