MAMTA BAN..err..Jee..!!

Published January 4, 2009 by Ambika

O Hail Mamta..!!

I am sure everyone knows her. And why not, she hasn’t left a single stone un-turned to ensure that everybody does. But still, for the sake of information, she’s the Trinamul Congress (TMC) Party leader. Besides she also HaPpEns to be the one behind most mis-HaPpEnInGs that keep HaPpEnInG in West Bengal (W.B.)

I feel, she sure must’ve had something to do with a CAR in her previous re-inCARnation..! That’s because,

  • First, she didn’t let the Tata Nano in, instead led RatanTata out.. (Nano – the ill-fated cheapest CAR still in making)
  • And now she doesnt let the auto rickshaws out. (Auto-rickshaws – the poison-emitting alternative to a CAR)

The first thing she does is to call a 12-hour,or a 24-hour Strike (suiting her mood) & then goes on a Hunger Strike herself (suiting upon her appetite..!)

Next comes the “blocking of traffic (read CARS).”  On the bandh-day, her co-party-workers stop CARS, and burn buses (or CARS again..!)

Its because of this or rather her, that even after 3 days of Auto-ban, only 43 out of 65,000 odd autos have been removed, while some 11 buses have been burnt!!!

Basically I don’t understand what is it that she wants!! Is it a CAR, the SarKAR or she’s simply happy waging a WAR..!! Phew! She somehow manages to put a Full Stop to everything that concerns the citizens’ welfare!!!

And now she has even started affecting me on a Personal level. I had a post 100% complete & ready to be published! But it became more important for me to publish this first, after whatever happened yesterday in Kolkata Calcutta! Now, I’ve to wait another 2-3 days before publishing my next post, to save my title of a “Lazy-Log-Blogger!!” Huh!!

Tell me something, if the Government can keep Tasleema Nasreen away from W.B., why can’t the same be done with her!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

Anyways, enough of it!! Just in case she develops a love for reading Blogs, I want to make it very clear that :-

“Ms. Mamta Banerjee! Please stop your antics in the name of helping out the Common man of Bengal!! Because what we really want is PEACE!! PEACE from You and Your silly ways!! It prevents Bengal from becoming a better State!! So kindly rest at home & let the Government do whatever LittLe it does!!”

Huhhhhh!! 😡

32 comments on “MAMTA BAN..err..Jee..!!

  • hiee,

    dats a nice post….moreover a nice Topic!!

    The whole of bengal is in trouble of “didi” 😛 ( as she is popularly called). Our state is facing most problems in relation to industrialisation, and the whole credit ofcourse goes to our “be-loved ” didi.

    Almost everyone is fed up b’coz of these daily bandhs and the raasta roko andolans and the super indefinite hunger stikes of Mamta Banerjee (which doest affects her “figure” 😉 at all) but even the government is helpless in this matter……so wat will the comman man be able to do!!!!!! 😐

    This needs a special mention : “All that she does for the common man is all for her own interest only.”

    Now for the special note that you have mentioned for the lady in special…..i dont think she will ever develope the a love or like for reading anything 😉 so never expect her to read this blog!!! (sorry 😦 )


  • Puja,
    The long post of yours reminds me of my own 😉 And it could’ve come out of the heart of OnLy a Calcuttan 😛

    I just wish she stops being the Father.. err Didi figure to all of us, because we simple Don’t Need HER.. At Alll..!i!i!i! 😡

  • Ambika,

    I hope the same….that she stops being a figue to all of us!! 😀

    Moreover she leaves us [ Calcuttans] and our Esplanade on our condition without her hinderances, andolans and blockades…….. :-X


  • Ambika,
    May we please organize, once again, a 1942 like quit-mamata operation, as early as possbile?
    We need our Kolkata free from jerms and mamata.

  • very true…this is a real nice post…this mamata “didi” is a real trouble to our state…she really need to b shown the mirror, this blog of urs can act as a mirror to her …:x

  • The whole problem with this i guess is her re-election as a chief minister.. If I’m not wrong most of her followers are the lower middle class people who form the most integral part of calcutta society.. This is very evident in the way the city is maintained.. One part of it look like shanghai and the other some slum..

    Is there no way to stop it? There is.. Get on with your work.. Strike or No Strike.. But i think Kolkattans are too lazy about it..
    By Kolkattans I mean the majority of the people now ‘Ambika’ or her friends specifically.. If the public transport stops, there is now way of getting about kolkatta?

    Kolkatta is a place i have disliked for a long time.. Thank goodness i live in Chennai.. “TOUCH WOOD” 😀


  • Yeah and i almost forgot to answer another question.. “What does she want? Car or SarKAR?” To an outsider all she seeks is attention..
    U remember the Bingo ad? The one where a guy is hit with several things and he continues to say ‘Bingo is still the crunchiest’? The ad won the best ad for the year.. Hehe.. yes.. It’s human psychology.. We only remember the worst of the best.. There is no in between! And Mamta forms the lowest class, no matter what goes through in her life, She will be always remembered..

    Ps: Commentcnt =CommentCnt +1 🙂

  • Ajitesh ji,
    I really wish we could do that!!!! May be now WE should block traffic, & burn buses & call an indefinite strike until ‘she’ is brought off the Roads!! But sadly, the common man is only limited to voicing opinions & watch, as she continues to wreck havoc!!

    😐 My reply on your post… 😐

    If not my blog, then something else.. But I really want HER to know by any means possible, that “HER” is NOT what we want..!!! She is polluting Calcutta even more than the Auto-rickshaws. Lets get HER be banned first..! 😡

  • Kunal,
    1. Is there a Shanghai in Calcutta?? Whoa!! I never knew that!
    2. Ok agreed i’m lazy.. But there’s no means to reach a place some 8 k.m. away either on foot (in case of a bandh) or by any vehicle (in case of road blocks! I am lazyy not a SuperMan..!! 😡
    3. For your ‘Touchwood’ – I wish you get an increment of 50,000 bucks BUT on a condition of shifting to Calcutta..!!! Lalallalla!!
    4. If remembering her is what it costs to get her out of the city, believe me, I DON’T MIND AT ALL… I am sure nobody else will either..! Can you arrange that?? 😡

    PS. – Comment Count = 2 + 1 now.. 😛

  • Lucky,
    Thanks… that was such a relief…!!!
    Tab koi gal nai ji… 😀

    Oh btw Kunal, she isn’t the CM.. & NEVER was!! And plz don’t mouth such “ap-shaguni” words..!! Sach ho gya toh..!!! 😐

  • I think such ppl do this only to grab attention… Raj Thakeray in Mumbai. There is one more villain in Uttar Pradesh, but unfortunately, she is also the chief Minister there……….

  • Kunal,
    Yeah..I have put it on, but its only temporary.. Only until my next post.. 😛

    As far as I can count, there are a few in every state.. 😉 And if you talking about a ‘SHE’ then there’s one in TN.. 😛

  • @Ambika..

    ‘SHE’ is not that bad…
    ‘SHE’ is a good lady and i feel it’s only under her governance the Police seem to come in action.. Otherwise also the Chennai Police is the best in any regards..

    Good or not.. The traffic personnel now seem to take laws seriously.. we are fined for even a entry into the NO Entry! we just cannot escape with a petty bribe 🙂


  • Hmm.. ‘SHE’ is sure a VERY good LADY Kunal.. Just a teeni meeni fault – she switches her allies a little faster than Usain Bolt runs… The BJP, Congress & now the Left..!!! Thanks to other ‘LADIES’ like her, we are going to have a Triangular series this time, rather than a Dual (in the election) !!!
    But then no one of us is Mr./Miss Perfect..!!! 😡

  • I happen to agree wholeheartedly that Mamata Banerjee is the sole menace of the state of West Bengal. It seems that she has taken a sacred vowed that she would never let the state progress and develop in any way…

    • Exactly “Mr. Trust in India..” After all there can be just one truth, to which everyone has to agree.. And Mamta Banerjee happens to be the Bitter Truth of Bengal…!
      Thanks for your insight.. 🙂

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