My never-2-b-resolved ReSoLuTiOnS..!! :D

Published January 1, 2009 by Ambika

Yaayy!! It’s 2009! 😀 Wish you all a (timely) Very Very Merry & a Happy New Year, (na Advance wala-na belated wala 😛 )

This year I didn’t have a NeW YeaR PaRtY as such, in particular. But I somehow still feel VeRy HaPpY, for no reason in particular..

Isn’t that’s all that Matters?? 😀

I could have very well posted this post at a more better time of the day, but “SoMeOnE” who called me sometime back to wish me a Happy New Year, said, “If you’re at home, & doing nothing, then why not write something! Your posts make me ☺SmiLe☺ whenever I am depressed!” Now THAT is enough motivation to write at this odd hour! C’mon, how silly they might be, my posts (ocassionaly) do solve my purpose »» to bring a smile on “SoMeOnE’s” face.. 🙂 So THIS post is for THAT “SoMeOnE” and EvErYOnE else.. 🙂


Anyways! So it’s time for the New Year Resolutions, yet again.. 😀 But as everyone knows, RESOLUTIONS/Rules are meant to be broken!

M I Missin Sumthn??

Am I Missing Sumthing??

So here’s a list of RESOLUTIONS that I’ve RESOLVED to “not to follow” in the year ahead!! 😀 ( For clarity – I’m NOT going to Follow the Following) :-

           ☻To start with, make Resolutions & follow them!

           ☻Wake up on time ( Time as per IST IMT – Indian Mom’s Time)

           ☻Bath EVERY SINGLE DAY!! And not lie to Mom – “Mumma C’MON – I bathed only yesterday 😮 !!” Although that was the day-before! 😉

           ☻Not to shout “I’m hungry” every 2 hours!

           ☻Not to be For/Against towards Mumma & Papa, i.e., For-Papa & Against-Mom.. 😛 Specifically- not Fight along WITH dad AGAINST mom FOR watching Cricket/News.. 😀


1 & 2 skipped... LoL!



           ☻Learn to cook things other than Tea/Coffee.. (Ahem!)

           ☻Not to have a SuDDeN Cold Coffee/Dairy Milk craving, specially at midnight!! 😐

           ☻Sleep before Midnight! (Current time 2:03 A.M.)

           ☻Not to let Realisation dawn ONLY a week before Exam dates, and not earlier.. & then PaNiC!!#@%!

           ☻Not to distract my friends when they (and me) are trying really hard to follow what’s being taught in the class! 😐

           ☻Not call my friend to discuss problems (academic) & hang up after an hour of Gossip!!! 😆

Just to keep You in tune, I’m talking about things that I’m NOT going to Follow.. K..?? Now continue again..

           ☻Forget the B’days of atleast those, who care to remember mine! (phew!)

           ☻Smile & be good to Aunties who come with Marriage Proposals..(not for themselves, for ME.. Uhh!!) 😡

           ☻Not to make faces behind the back of people who think “Oh C.A.??!! It will happen like thisss!!” (thisss – as easily as they click fingers!!) 😡 😡 

           ☻Talk less, Listen/Understand more..! ( I talk a lot????) 😮

           ☻Try & get hold of my internet-addiction, i.e. stop sitting HERE for hours, doing nothing!! ( Note – Internet addiction does NOT mean Chatting-addiction, alone!! It means checking/forwarding mails every hour, Googling lame things, Playing Games, Up/Down Loading, Sitting Idle on Gtalk/YM, Writing silly Blogs, etc..& listening to beautiful songs while doing all of the above! Btw – curently playing “Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi” from Ghajini 😀 ) 



            ☻Stop thinking & thinking & thinking….

            ☻Not sing at the top of my voice (besura, of course) and annoy everyone (Mom – to be specific) 😉

           ☻Not to keep knocking & knocking.. And knocking until I’m let in! 😆

           ☻Stop staring at a ♥CoUpLe♥ until they get embarassed and leave!! La-la-lala 😆

           ☻- Wait for Papa to fall asleep.

               –  Shout “Papa! Papa! Utho! Utho!” as soon as I’m sure he’s ZzZzz.

               –  Inform him about something which is hardly ImPoRtAnT! 😛

               –  Apologise & ask him to sleep again (then secretly have a good laugh 😀 )

              –  Repeat from Step -1..(untill he’s is angry for real)  😆  😆

           ☻And Finally, Spot spot uhh.. 😡 Stop writing silly, meaningless Blogs!!

4 & 5 skipped..

4 & 5 skipped.. 😉


I guess that’ll do for this year. Do let me know of Your own To-Do/Not-To-Do List in the Comment section!!! 😀

Oh, btw, is list ke baare mein – Mummy ko nahi hai pata, so plz Mummy se naa kehna!!! Thank U!! (It’s pretty anti-Mom) 😉

However, there’s this one thing I RESOLVE to continue doing »»»»»»»»»» to ☺KEEP SMILING☺ALWAYS☺… & to make others SMILE with me…!!!! 🙂 [yea.. Like this » 🙂 ] 😉

Have a Rocking Year Ahead!! Enjoy every Moment – to the Fullest!! After all there would be JUST ONE 2009!!! 😛

Cheers!! 😀

N.B.: I’m not yet sleepy..!! 😐


20 comments on “My never-2-b-resolved ReSoLuTiOnS..!! :D

  • A very very Happy and prosperous New Year dear….I loved and cherished your list of resolutions….May God help U FULFILL all of those for ur preety anti-mom…My New year resolution is not to fight with my Dad and bhai…..and many many other such unrealistic resolutions….Anyways thanx for the smile…and once again a very happy new year….

    Keep blogging…

  • great way of explaining resolutions which most of us make (and not follow ofcourse!!)

    Sweet, funny and another great post!!!:)

    Happy New Year to all ur readers and u too 😉

    Not to forget : My New Year “RESOLUTION” is not to make any “resolutions” at all. 😀

  • A very Happy New Year to all…!! 🙂

    Hehe.. that was cute!

    Oh c’mon, how can you Resolve to NOT to fight with someone!!!!! 😮

    Thanx a lot!! 🙂 And yea, “No Resolutions” is just a short cut to what took me a Long post 😉

    A real VADDA wala thanks to you for your Resolution!! Hope this one is NOT meant to be broken!! And now an EVEN VADDA bye!! 😡

  • Damn….I actually made a list of 10 Resolutions to be followed this year and passed the Bill in my mental Government 😐 ….I hope it doesn’t end up in the List of Resolutions NOT to be followed Next Year!! 😀

    Anyway, Happy New Year again! 🙂

  • Nick,

    Mark my words.. It would.. It sure would..!!
    But as They/I say “Don’t feel bad for not keeping up with your Resolutions. Following them would’ve made no difference either..!!”


  • Wow….nw dats wot i call “RESOLUTION”……..& it “is” surely meant 2 b broken. Nd ya i jus wanna add dat ur posts do brings smile 2 my face too 🙂 after all its comin out of an “idle mind” nd who else dan me can relate 2 dat as im a complete net-savy.
    Btw, i ws havin a cold coffee yest at Gautam’s nd belv me, ur posts jus crossed my mind in d middle of a sip. 🙂

  • Hey Vikas, so you from Calcutta haan?? Kool..
    And THAT was Way too much taarif.. Thanks a ton!! I am flattered.. 😉

    Btw, I wish I was Gautam’s-‘s owner! I would have ruined the place.. “No Customers Allowed.. ONLY MEE!!!” 😆 Its Heaven..!!


  • Yeah…m frm kolkata….nd i guess u il have 2 compete with me if u wanna own gautam’s as im a BIG TIME coffee person….Alwys ready 4 a one even in d middle of a nite….!!!
    Nd ya…im nt doin any “Taarif” wotsoever..Its jus one “idle mind” speakin 2 another 😉

  • My Motto – “Acknowledge all kinds of Appreciation/Praise/Taarif/Compliment you recieve, whether its intended to be one or not!!”

    So, Thanks again..!! 😀

    P.S. If I can’t buy Gautam’s, I wouldn’t let you either!! Till then Pay & Enjoy!! 😛

  • Ha ha…….k den evn my motto is 2 reply “Welcome/My Pleasure/No probem nd such stuff 2 ur “Thanks”. 😉
    Btw i wud rather own a ccd as half of d time, i il b found dre only….Nd ya as v both cant own it at d moment, so v wud rather pay nd njoy it 4 d time being..!!! 🙂

  • Happy NewYear to all..

    To what seemed like a good year gone by for most, It’s been an OK sort of an end to mine.. Lot of things need to be sorted at the place of work and more in my personal life.. It just isn’t happening at all..

    May be writing blogs will get me back into a cheerful mood.. But the work gets over it.. Just can’t find time for something else 😦

    Hope U guys have a great new year and I’ll feel happy looking at you guys being happy.. 🙂


  • Kunal,
    1. Never measure your Year by your work. That ways you’ll find, no year is going good 😛 And as for your Personal life….. Hmmmmmmmm………….. :->
    2. A little correction : May be writing a blog on TataSky would get you into a better mood 😛
    3. Don’t need to be that diplomatic.. Freak if you feel others are having a better time.. Give them a BIG PUNCH & then see yourself smiling.. 😀 😉 😛


  • IMT = Indian mom’s time !!! lol 😆 ….

    your resolution include not to distract your friends from learning what’s taught in the class ….. wow !! atleast there is something taught in your class … heaven (or hell??? ) :mrgreen:

    ever gave a thought of putting on birthday alarms in ur mobile??? 😕 … works for me… 😀

    there you go .. a perfect definition of internet addiction ….

    resolutions (and moreover resolutions such as these) are surely not meant to be followed … 😉

  • Harsh,
    I was about to write a post on how I feel like hitting WordPress for not providing enough smileys!! 😡

    For myself, any sentence without A smileys are Grammatically Incorrect..!!! – See..!!

    I didn’t know so many other Emoticons existed.. 😐

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