Yooo-hooo..!! :D

Published December 28, 2008 by Ambika

La-La-Lalalala!!! 😀

Its almost New Year.. and I reached a Milestone today!! 😀

1,000 Hits..!!!  Yayyy!!!

Now whatt..??? Its no big deal..??? 


The degree with which my Idleness keeps rising day after day, A 100th post Milestone seems D-i-s-t-a-n-t..!

Although, I did want to celebrate My 100 Comments day, but that was sometime just after the Mumbai Attacks. So didn’t feel like it!

But c’mon yaar!! If the K-Serials can run for 10 years (phew!)  & celebrate, I can surely have a “1,000 Hits Blast!!” My Blog is far better than THOSE..!! 

Umm..Is it, really..??

Oh of course it is!! Anything is better than the K-soaps, even Ekta Kapoor herself.. 😛

So, on this SpEcIaL day, I Welcome you to my Blog..!! 🙂 Roam about, Click here, Click there (also on the “Submit Comment” Tab 😉 ), Do this, Do that.. 😀 And yea check out my new Header as well.. ( you better be good about it, it was a PaiN making it..!)

And now,

Acknowledgements – I would like to Thank  –

  • My friends (even those who left after clicking & without commenting 😉 )
  • All the Readers (both National & International)
  • All the Commentators.
  • All those browsers which hang every 5 mins, forcing people to open my page again & again.
  • C’mon it increases the hit count 😛
  • All the others!! 🙂

N.B. : For those who are wondering otherwise,

1. I ALWAYS log in as “Ambika” and NOT as a Visitor!!

2. WordPress doesn’t count my visits.. Okay..??!! 😡


So, I sign off here.. in a jovial mood.. Im sure going to have my Favourite – Cold Coffee  to celebrate the Day..!!! 😀

Cheers!! 😀


13 comments on “Yooo-hooo..!! :D

  • @ Known,
    Thanks a ton! You sure needed special mention.. 😡

    @ Lucky, Nick, Rewa, Kunal
    Thanks a lott!! 🙂 Glad you liked the Header 😀
    My next Milestone would be completing “Golden Jubilee” of posts 😛

    N.B. (Kunal) – You got to be Very BUSY (doing Nothing) like me, to give time to your Blog! Give it a try.. 😛

    1 ques to All,
    Can anyone tell me, if I’ll lose the widgets on the right pane if I switch to a 2-column Theme..??

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