16th..err 22nd December!

Published December 21, 2008 by Ambika

Yayyy!! Winter Solstice is here..!!

All those who know their Geography well, will know what it is. And if you don’t know it, no need of feeling bad about it. I didn’t!! I had to Google it.. 😛

Well, vaguely, Winter Solstice is the Shortest Day and the Longest Night of the year. For more, go here..!!

Now, thinking what made me write a post on that???

You cannot write a post on Geographical events?? Is blogging only about Fun?? – Who SAID????

I did..!! 😛

Those who know me well, they also know how lazy I am.. And Winter Solstice, in itself, has NOTHING to inspire me to sit for 1/2 an hour and pain my Eyes-Fingers-Mind writing a Gyan about it!! 

So what’s special about it??

In India, or the entire Northern Hemisphere for that matter, Winter Solstice falls on the 22nd of DECEMBER!! Now its this date that’s making you suffer another post of mine!

Its a very, very and mind it VERY special day! Because, it’s not every day that a STAR IS BORN!! 

Yeahh…it’s My Happy Birthday!!!!!  La-la-lalala!!! On this 22nd I turn 22!!! 😀

N.B.: I am not one of those who remain 16 till eternity and spend their lifetime hiding their ages!! 😆

Now, on other instances I can still excuse people who visit my Blog and leave without commenting! BUT after reading THIS particular post, NO-ONE MUST LEAVE WITHOUT WISHING ME!!!!

Its a STATUTORY WARNING, mind it!! And for those who are unaware, WordPress provides enough tools to find out who visited when and from where!!

So, I am off planning for this Special Day 😛 You keep having a rocking day, as well!!


Ciao! 😀

13 comments on “16th..err 22nd December!

  • Hmmm. .
    Happy B’Day to Ambika. . .Not 16 yrs old Ambika. . . .Rather who crossed the boundary of adolescence . . . .
    Oh. . . . Sorry belated birthday. . . . Sorry for late. . . . Word press has no tools to put back posting. . . .Anyway. . . Just be ever green.May god empower you . .

  • hmmmm

    Not bad at all Ms. Ambi 🙂

    It feels like fantastic after reading ur blogs…..say after 2 mnths 😛 sorry for dat!!

    Guess I should start writing again 😉

    Most important!!! Happy Birthday (belated) only if I get d treat 😉

  • @Known,
    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

    @ Rewa,
    Thanks a ton!! And no 😦 on my blog or anywhere else for that matter. Be 🙂 always! 😀

    @ Abhay,
    Never mind when you wished!! You did, is all that matters. Thanks a lott!! 😀

    @ Puja,
    It feels fantastic too.. to read your comments (after 2 months 😛 )
    And yeah! You SHOULD start writing again! After all we all need to feel ‘fantastic’ too 😀
    Finally, treat or not, thanx a lot 😉

    @ Kunal,
    The Thank you’s and the Thanks you so muches..!! 😀

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