“Half A Day Of My Life” by Ambika Darolia

Published December 12, 2008 by Ambika

Right now, its about 1:00 in the afternoon. 12:58 P.M. to be precise. Not even half of a day is gone, and what an Eventful day have I already had.. Have a look…

6:03 A.M.

         When snoozing the alarm thrice fails…….I wake up?? NO!!!!! I turn off the alarm completely 😀

6:08 A.M.

        So what I turned off my mobile’s alarm… There’s Mom!! Uhhh!!! 😡 Oh, how I hate to wake up that EaRLy.. Frankly, its even Earlier than Early…!! 😦

6:10 A.M. – 6:45 A.M.

        I brushed & bathed & searched (for clothes, books, & what not).. I ate and even caught up with a quick 2 mins of sleep in between.. (Now don’t wonder how did I manage that  😆  )

6:50 A.M.

        I finally LEAVE.. (much to mom’s relief 😛 ) Already running 10 mins late for my 7o’clock class, I also EaSiLy manage to miss a bus.. 😀 So another 5 mins till the next one arrives..

 Why do they have to keep classes at such SUCH odd timings. Even the building guard wakes up after I leave!!!! Huhh!!

On the way, I lost my Money and my ID-Card. A duplicate one would cost an extra Rs.50…Double Bonanza!! Hopefully, my friend wouldn’t charge me for Interest on the money that I had to borrow from her!!

7.15-9.30 A.M.

In between the entire 2.5 Hrs of class, i suffered from:-

The Need for  Sleep-Food-Water-Concentration..

But Need is mutually exclusive to Availability. So basically I also suffered from:-

The Non-availabilty of  Sleep-Food-Water-Concentration..

9.40-10.30 A.M.

On my way back, my cell phone beeps. Someone had e-recharged my number with Rs50 (mistakingly, ofcourse). As if the the initial loss wasn’t enough, I HAD to agree to re-e-recharge his number with the same amount. This was Oppurtunity Loss Lost for me..

I finally reach home 😡 , 😦 and 😐


Wait… There’s more…

Reading is an obsession. And since I need to read something most time of the day, Newspaper comes handy. Collectively I spend a good 3 hrs. (or even more -depending upon the degree of idleness) reading a day’s paper.

When I read it today, after reaching home, this is what it had to say :

“Over the last one year, the costs of producing a newspaper have registered a steep increase. The economic crisis, of which the readers are aware, has also severely affected the newspaper industry. … and to partially meet the increasing costs, The Telegraph is forced to raise its cover price by 50 paise on weekdays…” 

Now, this is what I call Multi-directional exposure to Recession !! So consequently, You are charged MORE for the services you seek, and paid LESS for the services you provide.


After first session of reading, I switched on the pc. Only to realise that the monitor had contracted Jaundice. The screen has gone yellowishly green. And me – frustratingly-irritated.


Its  about 2:00 in the afternoon. 2:03P.M. to be precise. I am not sure what other EvEnTs are still lined up for the day. If there are any, which I am sure there are, I would sure let you all know.


Till then have an equally UnEvEntful Day,



UPDATED 12thDec, 5.30P.M.

Latest Un-eventful Event of the Day – Despite a good start, India’s 155/6..




16 comments on ““Half A Day Of My Life” by Ambika Darolia

  • talkin about recession , there was this one article in Hindustan times tht described a table as follows :
    civil servant : 1 to 5 crore
    doctors : 50 lakh to 1 crore
    others : 5 lakh to 50 lakh

    these were supposedly the pricetags of the grooms in andhra pradesh (off course talkin abt dowry ) … nd guess wat did the heading have to say??

    “Techie grooms go out of favour” !!!!!!

    the article was on how the recession has decreased the dowry value of techie guys… ppl are more willing for civil servants!!

    i cudnt help but laugh ( for minutes ! )

  • @ Known
    – LoL.. see Recession is everywhere. Poor brides!! 😀

    @ Rewa
    – Thanks a lot for visiting and oh! for commenting too 😉
    I think your comment stands for “O, what a wonderful post! I loved it!! I would keep coming back again & again!!” Right?? 😛

    Keep visiting!

  • What happened in the next half,Ambika. . . ?Somethig special . . . ?
    Anyway. . . . The people are so busy in the fascility created by people themselves , and its bring complexity in our life,that they are frustrated . So just think cool ,live simple ,your whole day will be sweet. . . .

  • ambika , i wud rather say… lucky brides!!
    u see there is more probability of hitting a techie thn a civil servant in INDIA , so overall , the money to be paid decreases! simple maths ! 😉

  • @ Abhay
    – Well thanx for asking. 2nd half was a hell lot of better than the 1st. That’s because I overslept the major part of it to avoid further hassles 😆
    Waise, a Gentleman found my ID Card and called me to let me know its safe with him!! So I saved Rs. 50 atleast.. Yiippeee!! 😀

    @ Known
    – Why couldn’t God give India a few Economists like you.. We would soon become like America!!!! 😡

  • oh i can pretty well understand your agony
    these tution centres keep classes at such wee hours of morning.
    imagine i used to attend my economics class at 6 in morning 😦
    and had the accounts class till 10 at night 😛
    but thankfully 12th is coming to an end and soon i will have my share of sleep 😛

  • Hmmm..
    I passed 12th 4 years back.. Till now I haven’t managed to have my share of sleep.. 😐 And the future doesnt look sleepy err.. brighter either..!!! 😡

    Btw, thanks a lot for visiting.. And all the best for your 12th..!! Hope you give your examiners a tough job to do!! 😀

  • oh the examiners should count on their sleeps! i am in habit of giving blows and not receiving ! 😛
    nah ………i know its just a matter of two months and my destiny awaits…..i j feel 12th is just an obligation……….i cant skip it 😛
    dreamy??? ah thats me but i know it has to come true at any cost ………….things dont work on their own…….you need to make them work as per your wishes ……so i think you too have the reign of your life…………tighten the grip and happiness will be by your side always ! 😛

  • Yup, exactly what I said..! Your examiners would be having a tough job 😀

    Yup.. right or wrong, but I do have something in my grip! I hope the horse or whatever it is..doesnt do a back-bounce! 😐

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