The ‘NATIONAL’ Terrorists!!

Published December 2, 2008 by Ambika

Never in my life had I been glued to my tv set like on the 27th of Nov, 08. Bullets, guns, explosions… DEATH.. I have seen all of it before, on t.v. itself, yet somehow never ever felt it so closely.

But its been 3 days now, since the horror ended. A lot has been said, read and written about it already. I do not wish to add more to it. What I do write here is, some of my own insights, and a few questions, un-answered…

♦Seen the lone terrorist who was arrested – Azam Amir Kasav?? An innocent-good looking, speaking flawless English, and Highly Trained ‘youngster’ was bombing hotels. Had he been in some School, other than that  of LeT, he would have been a Topper. Now, he’s a Terrorist. What a waste of Life..!!!

♦RGV (Ram Gopal Verma) is pretty fast. Thanks to the Maharashtra CM, we would soon be having a film based on this Attack. Starring – the CM’s son, of course.

♦”Had it not been for Sandeep, not even a dog would have visited them” – Kerala CM Achuthanandan. A dog wouldn’t have, but he did. So that’s pretty simple to analyse, right?

♦Sanjay Dutt A.K.A. Munnabhai was asked in an interview, if Gandhigiri was truely the answer to what’s happening. He said, in Lage Raho, when a security guard slaps Circuit, Munna asks him to turn his other cheek. But when the guard slaps for the second time, Munna himself hits him back saying that – “Dusra thappad lagne se kya karna hai, Bapu ne ye nai bataya..” – Gandhiji never told what to do, when you have been hit for the second time as well.

Now, that we have been hit not once, not twice, but more, its surely the time to Hit back!!!

♦The Puppet Prime Minister, as well Sonia Gandhi did not feel the importance of visiting Mumbai, until L.K. Advani had already left for the city. Such politicians, seeking political benefits out of a National Crisis should be…….well…that’s one of my un-answered questions! 

♦The local police had been informed of the RDX brought in boats, in writing, by the fishermen’s committee.. But – no Action!!

♦The Intelligence had warned the Govt about probable terror attacks. But – no Action!!

♦ Everytime we get to hear, “evidences pointing towards Pakistan” But Action?? – No!! Although this time, the Govt is trying to take a firm stand but that’s probably because the Election Bells are already ringing in the distance. I guess its first more important to deal with the “National Terrorists”, before the International ones!!!!!

♦The India-England ODI being cancelled, the tests in gloom, the Champions League being postponed. C’mon guys, don’t we need to come out of the trauma and start Living again?? It’s probably not an easy job to prevent such tragedies. But what’s important further more is to COME OUT of it.

There’s too much to write about. So, I would like to add something by written by Simon Barnes – The Times, London. I don’t find better words than his. Please DO  have a look. Following are excerpts:-

“… In triumph and disaster, in embarassment and in joy, they’re part of us, and that’s what we pay them for. The contract states that if you wish to become a professional athlete, particularly one representing his country, then you forfeit a good deal of your right to be considered a private person…”

“…It follows, then, that an England cricketer is not morally entitled to think like a private person. Like me, for example, or you. An England cricketer can’t duck out of a tour like a tourist. He has to think bigger than that….”

“…India needs sport as the recovery process begins, needs the cheerfulness, the triviality and the nonsense of the battles in which no one dies – and it is England’s job to make it possible…”

“…England have an opportunity to say something important, loudly, triumphantly and publicly. It is something that I believe is best said in the most robust language possible, and it is this. F*** all terrorists. You’re not going to f***ing win.”

Words like these, and that too from an Englishman, shows that its not these TERRORISTS who represent Humans. Its HUMANITY which still remains to be the Human nature –Our human nature. An attack, like this, has surely shaken us upto roots. But what we need is to get over with it, rise above it and Fight!!!!


Have a Thoughtful Day,


12 comments on “The ‘NATIONAL’ Terrorists!!

  • I never watch news on Midnight.. But that day was horrific.. I was changing channels rapidly and i came across this breaking news.. and god, was i scared!

    There are some other questions that remain unanswered.. I don’t understand why Police ignores a threat.. Why were the politicians who were after the ‘Bhaiyaa’ group hiding indoors.. What happened to the prime minister.. He did not bother the attacks??

    As for Pakistan.. Blaming them all the time is wrong.. We don’t have evidence against them.. What if they starting point was Karachi.. Even Islamabad was bombed, and then the whole hotel came down crashing.. We can’t go on war with them.. We want peace, No war!

    We have our Intelligence cell who confirmed the attacks but what did the government do? Nothing.. All attacks can be stopped! I hope we learn a lesson.. Bombings cannot be stopped, but definitely reduced..

    I hope we learn a lesson and listen to every threat call.. Even when false.. It will only help emergency group practice the drill.. Thank god, the terrorists did not detonate the 8KG RDX packets, Taj would have been history now..

    Or did the police really find it? Is the police lying? They wanted to save their faces and wanted to show a big achievement? May be the news was fake.. If it was true, I fail to understand why the terrorists did not detonate..

    So many questions.. and little answers.. The days are gone, but we have to keep them in memory so that nothing like it happens again..


  • this has simply left me spell bound… u r a real gem of a person, i really admire ur way of looking at things…hm to tmhare fan of gaye….Great thought…..


  • this was a barbarous event, which our nation will always remember….but now its time for the action, rather than blaming the other nation…..the precious life our martyers needs to b answered by action rather than monetary compensation, which every political leader is ready with in order to get the votes….even the banners put up by their parties for paying tribute to the real heros speaks out the party symbol….
    We shall however never even allow the brutal incident fade away and always try to help out our nation in whatever way possible…


  • Good Job! Whatever you’ve written really leaves one thoughtful. But the thought doesnt end here.
    There are people like Raj Thakarey, who is still chupa hua..but where?? No one knows. Can anybody tell him, terrorists have been killed and you can come out now! Your mumbai has been saved by THE Real heroes who are NOT Mumbaikars, but from North INDIA!
    As far as other politicians are concerned they can never do anything other than enjoying their powers. We, the Yuva need to stand up and to do some kind of a “Rang De Basanti” act.
    Those politicians who are jumping today is just because of elections. After which they will again go off to Hibernation. The same old story will probably happen. Terrorists shall come and attack.
    Look at US, where there has been NO terrorist attack post-9/11.
    Politicians..learn something yourself before you point fingers at others!

    @ Abhay, if a person is hit by circumstances he would probably hit back at those of whom he was a victim. But killing innocent people cannot be justified by saying that he was a victim of circumstances. This is nothing but sheer Brutality!


  • @ Abhay – If someone has gone through a similar tragedy, it helps him to understand other’s pain better. But here, the circumstances seem to enthuse them to ruthlessly kill others rather than sympathise. If its circumstances or something else, I fail to understand.

    @ Kunal – War or not, I don’t know. But something HAS to be done. WHAT, I am not sure myself. But I have a few thoughts voicing the demands of the commoner. It would probably be coming in my next post.

    @ Nandita – LoL! What I wrote is probably what every Indian is feeling at this time. But still, thanks a lot! I just hope I keep improving.
    I do hope too that the memory never fades away. Its important to keep the Fire burning within us..until the Final Battle is won!!

    @ Rohit – A pleasure seeing you here. Thanks.
    I was just wondering how could I’ve missed mentioning about Raj Thakrey. Thanks a lot for that as well.
    I truly go by what you suggested. Its time we take up things in our Own Hands rather than waiting for these Sleeping Logs to act!!

    @ All – Its wonderful to see United India react at the mishap that occurred. The way thousands of people gathered at the Gateway of India and inother Metros was moving. I cannot help but write another post on it.
    See you all there.


  • Ambika..
    After reading ur last comment.. I don’t feel like continuing the discussion.. I feel it brings an end to this post!! Lol 😛

    There has been a lot of things being said about what we can do to save us.. Well read this one.. And I’m sure we will feel that the fault is within us..

    Lets not start the blame game, It’s important to stay focused and take responsibility of saving the nation!

  • I have only one thing to say- Take Kasav out and make him shoot Achutananda and Vilasrao Deshmukh, who, in such moments of crisis and tension, want to just satisfy their egos and act totally insensitive!!!!

  • nicely put together..! no doubts this event has left evry1 thinking… wat i believe is , it is easy to say things then to implement being at sme1s position. I wd just like to state tht one act (though horrifying) shouldnt point fingers on our intelligence services or , for tht matter politics.. yes , i believe every person like thackeray should be shot dead ., but .. regarding the intelligence services… ,we dont realise but many of such situations stop before anyone could know , all because of valiant efforts of people putting aside their families for the cause of nation. the problem is , the terrorists , tht we are dealing with presently are as well equipped ( physiclly , mentally as well as artillary wise ) as are the security forces.. so lapses are bound to happen. I know this kind of statement is really harsh on the people who actually suffered , rather its an act of brutality itself to favour our system.. , but things arent always the way they look. i wd still praise our intelligence for the good work they have done till now…

    on the politics point of view , its for the people to decide.., just because manmohan is the PM when this thng happen doesnt mean he was guilty, if he had known , he wd have done something about it , quite obviously… but as i said lapses occur , people just need to think cool headedly as to who are the right ones for the job … and also its a responsibility of every indian citizen to see the things as they are , rather then looking at them how politicians want us to.. its on us to not get deviated by wat people like thackeray say.. india is known for unity in diversity , yes , a very common PHRASE as it is, and we need to stand by it. nobody is panjabi , bengali , rajasthani , south indian or nething…. we all are indians … rather we all are human beings!! we should stand together globally against this ..

    i believe its really the need of the time tht instead of spending crores on infrastructure , some be spent on laying out facilities in hard areas such as upper reaches of himalayas and all , to educate people , to give them a better life , so tht , at least , our own children dont fall for the racism nd act anti towards own nation. i came across many shows on various news channel , specially after this event , wherein common people participated.. there was rage throughout , nd ppl had views , tht we should directly go in war with pakistan.., i seriously recommend all of you to please act cool headedly … , this rage has to be channelised so tht terrorism is removed , nt the terroists… its the idea tht is the problem , nt the persons… , moreover if nething like war takes place… , both being nuclear warfare enriched countries, all thts gonna happen is perishing of bothe the countries in present , and the impact is gonna last till eternity…

    these issues are as critical as nething can be and even one wrong step could end up in causing losses more thn what we already have experienced…

    in the end , would just like to pay my tribute to all the martyrs as well as innocent people who braved the situation , and couldnt make through! may their soul rest in peace!

  • Had he been in some School, other than that of LeT, he would have been a Topper. Now, he’s a Terrorist. What a waste of Life..!!!

    This is the result of today’s education and it is the value of education!

  • @ Rewa,

    I beg to differ. This is not the result of Education! This is the result of lack of proper direction!
    What I mean here is that these people are well-trained to use highly sophisticated weapons and instruments like GPS. Had their knowledge been properly channeled, it would have been of great national help!!
    But, sadly, it has been put to use for destructive purposes!

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