Cricket-ing OR Complain-ing!!

Published November 25, 2008 by Ambika

Ta-Da..!! 😀

I had been suggested to write a post on Cricket!! So here I am.. 🙂

In most cases, I am met with a -> raised eyebrow – ” YOU like watching.. Cricket???”

And my reply is -> a raised eyebrow – “Big Deal??”   😉

Well, the main reasons behind loving the sport is :-

  1. Its great fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I mainly watch matches featuring India!!
  3. Generally, i like watching and ‘understanding’ most type of Sports.
  4. I watch Cricket, because everytime I fail to understand it!!! (refer point 3 above)
  5. And lastly, name any other damn thing on tv which is “watchable..!!”

So, you get it.

None of my posts uptill now have an image, so this time, I have decided to begin the post with an image 🙂

 🙂    😐 I have tried uploading that Pic atleast 7 times.. But it won’t upload.  I have tried uploading it both from a URL, and from my hard disk, but nothing seem to work!!!! 😐

I don’t UnDeRsTaNd where that damn pic is disappearing even after putting it up 7 times!! Huh.. 😡

Now, nothing more about cricket. I use this post to crib about WordPress instead… YippeE!! 😀

Its been almost 2 months on WordPress now, but I still don’t get it. Although, WordPress is good in many terms.. BUT..

  • Then I haven’t used any other site as of now.
  • Uploading an Image is NOT-AT-ALL easy.
  • It doesn’t allow me to use any other Font, unless I change the theme.
  • It keeps saving my Draft every minute, even when I don’t want to.. Wierdo!!!!
  • Uploading an Image is NOT-AT-ALL easy.
  • The stats info is pretty good, BUT I could have done with a li’l more. For e.g. What does the Reader ‘actually’ feels about the post. 😛
  • The themes are just….Okay..!
  • Uploading an Image is NOT-AT-ALL easy.
  • If sometimes I feel like taking a poll, I have to register with someone’s Daddy. Outcome – every time I see it, I don’t feel like polling anymore.
  • The worst one is – It allows Readers to just READ and leave the page without commenting. Can you believe it??!! Now this, is STRICTLY not AcCePtAbLe…!!!
  • And finally, Uploading an Image is NOT-AT-ALL easy. (phew)

Anyways, nothing can be done about that, so I stop here. Waise bhi, mom says – “Burai karna, buri baat”  😆

If some of you want to sympathize with this poor soul of mine, then kindly have a look at the pic which I had uploaded, although I couldn’t put it up here. 😦


Have a Gr8 day uploading pix,


N.B.: None of my posts STILL have an image..(Thanks to WordPress)  😦

7 comments on “Cricket-ing OR Complain-ing!!

  • Hey its not very difficult to upload pics here….just go to the upload photo icon in the text editor and select a pic either from your comp or a URL… can even put up videos without registering with someone’s daddy! 😀

  • What an Image..
    Uploading images was a pain to me, until i realized that these images got uploaded better when they came from some other URL.. I use for images..

    Noted that the page loads slowly (each time the site has to visit tinypic and fetch the image.. And for some reason if Tinypic decides to remove my image, Has a problem within the site, My wordpress blog becomes damn slow..)

    I have now started using the computer upload option, and seems like it has become good, I’m able to upload the same in giffy.. It’s no problem now.. It makes page loads faster as the images lie in some folder on the server with space specifically allotted to me..

    U register once with Daddy and then add polls with ur id.. Dont have to register all over again.. Am i missing something?

    And Comments, My favourite part..
    Thanks to u, I have over 250 comments on my blog now..
    Pre-Ambika.. Very less.. Now i’m sure that i will have atleast one comment per post.. 😀

    Take care

  • Hello,
    @ Arun – It was just an opinion. No offence 😐

    @ Abhay – Even I don’t understand, what’s the prob 😀

    @ Nick – I tried just that, and failed beautifully 😀

    @ Kunal – Thanks!! For commenting on that pic of mine. It was hard work 😉
    – And thanks a lot again for confusing me further. I still don’t know how to upload it. x(
    – You got that right. I would be there to criticise, on all posts 😛

  • It’s simple.. It sometimes fails miserably, that’s probably because of some network problems at that time..

    I’m not sure if u r clicking the ‘Insert Into Post’ button! hehe.. 😛 Just a thought.. No Offence.. It works perfectly for me..


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