Oops! I did it again!!

Published November 20, 2008 by Ambika

Britney Spears?? Yea, its her song. But, right now.. its Me who has Done It Again..!!!

Done what..??? Good Question..

I Messed up things.. pretty usual for me!! And I am Proud of myself for that.. 😀 Messing up things is ONE thing that/where/which (Use as & when necessary) :-

  • I am regular at.
  • I do with complete poise and dignity.
  • I am a Pro at.
  • There’s no one whose close enough to give me competition..
  • I am unstoppable when it comes to MESSing up!
  • I am a diversified MESS-er..!! (Mess-er?? uhh!!)

So, basically, I am the Messing-Up Queen.. or Messed-Up Queen, is it..??

What I usually MESS-up??

Another good question!! Cheers!!!

But a very simple one for me! 

  • My Subjects. For e.g. I usually never know what my last subject is until it becomes utter necessary to know about it and study.
  • My exams-dates. I have to keep reminding myself of the dates and timings. 
  • Not to mention My papers. I usually do not know what to write. Thankfully, you have so many people around to help!!
  • Kitchen-chores. I HaRdLy have anything to do with THAT place, but still whenever it is, I MESS up 🙂 You might want to read here for further details.
  • All other Types of Things.. (to name a few)

             – At a medicine shop, I usually forget the name of the last medicine that I had been sent (unwillingly, of course) to buy. I have to then call up home to ask!!

            – Whenever Papa asks me to get some cash out of the ATM, by the time I reach the machine, I either forget the Code, or the amount to be withdrawn!

            – When asked to give a glass of Water, its usually the wrong person who gets it. (yea, I am not kidding!!) 

            – I usually MESS-up the bus numbers. I have to keep asking the conductor if he’s going the same wayas I am!!

           – Many a times, I dial the wrong friend.

Absent-mindedness you may call it. But I call it an easy ESCAPE. Most of the people, once they come to know of it, do not ask me for ANY work the next time. – so its good.. 😉

However, sadly, the trick doesn’t work with Moms!! (sigh) She knows I would MESS-up. But she wouldn’t stop asking me to do it! 😐

This post was very spontaneous. So what prompted me to suddenly write this post? Or to re-frame it, What did I MESS-up this time?

Hmm.. nothing much, this time atleast. I was checking out the scores for the Aus-NZ test on Star Cricket. The reception was pathetic. I could not make out the players, as it they were all in Whites.. ( not even Vettori 😦 ) I could only hardly make out the scores dancing in front of me, which was more than enough, because basically, I was watching the India-England match on Neo.

But NO..!! The MESSing-Up DeViL inside took over and I decided to fix the channel by tuning it.

The outcome..?? Shooo!!! The channel disappeared altogether. Mom was delighted! And dad.. he was muttering something I did not get… 😛

He askd me to see what was wrong and to bring the channel back. I obviously wasn’t bothered. And threatened to MESS-up Neo as well.. 😛 He had to do it himself, and now again I can see the dancing scores!!! 😆

Ok, enough for now, England’s at 174/5 after 38th over and I got to see the rest of it. Btw, Aussies – 202/9..

So, bye for now,

Have a MESS-ed Up Day, 😛





15 comments on “Oops! I did it again!!

  • What a Mess..
    There sure is a Devil inside u.. thank god, ur dad did not freak out.. I would have hidden the remote in some place else had somebody mistakenly messed up the channels.. Freaking out at the person goes without saying..

    How do u get about when somebody complains about the mess.. I guess it’s the smile that should be working.. Or may be a ‘Oopss’..

    Vaise i just noticed the dancing pig in the MY Mood section.. Really nice add to the blog.. I’m thinking about having mine, But i would not update it just because I’m the same all the time.. Boring!


  • Hahaha!!…you can’t possibly be in a more messy situation than Zimbabwe were in yesterday (against SL)…..124 /3 ….to 127 all out!!! 😀 ….and no, the scores were not dancing 😛

  • @ Kunal,
    Yea the smile does, does the trick most of the time! And then that innocent sa “oh-i-am-so-sorry-i-don’t-know-how-it-happened” expression.. 😀
    As for the My Mood pic, did you notice the Smirk on its face?? 😛 That’s the way I am.. Devil Inside, Innocent Outside!!

    @ Nick,
    Yea, I saw it in the papers today.. Total disaster!! I feel beaten!! :((

  • Raj..

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Well, I agree with you completely. But the lack of determination for the work that I’m given, doesn’t allow me to give due concentration..! 😉

    So, sadly, the problem shall persist. But thanks for your advice anyways. 🙂

    Keep Visiting,


  • This is in response to ur comment on my blog..

    I noted that My title carries ‘..’ instead of ‘!! So the ‘Sue’ part of it is out!! I’m going to steal more title if i like them..

    Jo Ukhaad Sakti Hai Ukhaad Le


  • “Jo Ukhaad Sakti Hai Ukhaad Le”
    OMG!! I am sending a letter to the Kolkata Police about the Making of a Prospective Terrorist. But who knows it would remain lying unheeded like one just did in Mumbai!! 😐

    Btw, I noticed the “..” and “!!” but as per definition – Plagiarism is the use or CLOSE IMITATION of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

    So you can still be sued.. Yayyy!!!!!! 😀

  • Yo!!!!!
    I love watching all sports (on t.v.) – Tennis, F1, Badminton, Football, Hockey, Cricket of course & whatever other game…
    But just 2 conditions, – India must be one of the teams & I should have my dad by my side to answers my silly queries!! 😀

    P.S. – Its been fun following your trail of comments during the last half an hour 😆

  • They keep changing from game to game 😛 And also its not been long since I developed a craze for it. Its basically the game I love, u see 😉
    Waise in Cricket, I like Shane Warne, Daniel Vettori 😳 , M.S. Dhoni, Sachin, Kevin Pieterson, Gilly! And yea I LOVE to hate Yuvraaj Singh/Ricky Ponting! And also Pakistani players- Love’em speak! 😆
    And there are many others..

    No favourites as such! But love to watch India playing Any kind of sport!! 😀

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