The UnMerciful CAT

Published November 17, 2008 by Ambika

Phew!! The CAT… is finally DEAD..

16th of Nov is gone my friends..!! You can Chill.. Relax.. Sigh.. Dance.. Laugh and do anything that you had wanted to.. 😀 And so can I..

Examzzz are a S*******H.. I am really sorry..  I did not intend to use any bad word. Infact that word doesn’t mean anything.. I just wrote it to imply what you, very clearly, have understood.. 😛

So, Examzz are a pain.. and if the Exam is CAT.. its a pain in the BRAIN.. Months & months of books, & studies, & MATHS (Yucks) & English, and what not.. Along with it the PrEsSuRe… Im So.. So.. So Happy that whatever it was.. Its GONE.. DONE.. OVER..!!!

I don’t even want to ASK or THINK about how the paper was, how the exams went, how everyone fared..faired.. ufff whatever.. As for now what matters is that D-Day is gone, and everyone has survived.. (atleast for the time being, till the results are out..)

So, I have no more time to write any further, because its time to PaRty.. To begin with I watched Dostana today.. A complete 180 degrees to Fashion. I had a great time with friends. A must one time watch for our Gen.

So, without any tensions of the result, just Enjoy Life. like I am..

Have a Gr8 post-CAT time,


N.B. : It just clicked me, are you people somehow thinking that I was one of those, (insane, suicidal people) who appeared for CAT yesterday??? Oh NO!! NOT AT ALL.. I am sorry if the post was misleading. But the fact is, I love MYSELF too much to have done such a thing to myself like appearing for CAT.. Although I don’t love myself enough, as I am indeed persuing C.A. but CAT??? NO WAYS!!!

This post is just a sympathetic gesture to all those poor beings who had to endure the hardships. Or if you ask me truly, HOMICIDE is what I prefer to call it.




8 comments on “The UnMerciful CAT

  • LoL!!
    Tail blazer,

    I think my post was really misleading ( and I love it 😀 ) I have mentioned in the N.B. that i haven’t appeared for CAT. Its just a post, sharing the agony of those who have appeared.

    But whatever be it. Thanks for visiting and taking the time out to comment. Hope to see you around again.
    Keep Visiting,

  • Hahaha …..nice! 🙂 and good that you din write CAT …..the pressure can get to you at times….I was cool for the first two hours, but the fact that I had not done much in math made me feel tensed……………. 😐

  • @ nick,

    Im sure thankful to myself for having done this huge favour to myself. But whats with you people? Is it when you feel suicidal, you decide to do such stuffs, (as in appearing CAT) ??

    What I am doing is C.A. Its is not suicidal, it doesnt pain you till death. It just leaves you mentally handicapped..!!!

    Anyways.. Keep Visiting,

  • Hmm.. I do not know about being confused while writing the post, but right now….Yes!!! I still don’t understand how to interpret your comment.
    So giving myself the Benefit of Doubt – I fondly presume it to be Appreciation :D!! So thank you!!



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