” I Chose to Doubt, Than to Believe!! “

Published November 15, 2008 by Ambika

              No, I am not being self-critical (I only criticise others.. 😉 )

That is a line from the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss, psychiatrist. I have a (strange?) habit of noting down lines that catch my attention as I read, (I don’t use all of them as a blog post, though!)

              Dr. Brian Weiss, as his book suggests is a man, a notch (or several notches I must say) higher than the rest of us! So what he chose to DOUBT about, is something I am not dwelling into. I realised the statement is, however, very much relevant to All of us (people of lower intellect  😐  )

               Unknowingly, we tend to DOUBT everything around us,  believing nothing or No-one.. I managed to compile the following list.. Have a look..

Or better still, lets have a small poll. Count the number of ‘YES’ answers that you have and then let us know..


 1. What do you 1st do when some valuable piece of jewellary or money goes missing? – DOUBT the servants or maid??

 2. What would your 1st reaction be if you saw your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse with someone of the opposite sex? – DOUBT he/she might be cheating you?

 3. Your classmate/friend/competitor has scored more marks than you did? – you DOUBT he/she adopted unfair means?

 4. A person is very (to the power 3) successful, you – DOUBT he is into illegal business, or has won a lottery??

 5. The Indian team loses a cricket match – you DOUBT if the players are of any use other than appearing in commercials?

 6. And for the ones who strongly resent their performance – you DOUBT they are involved in Money-Matters???

 7. You DOUBT if the Government is really working for your well-being, or is it too much engrossed in assuring it would have the next 5 yrs of Glory as well??

 8. If someone is really sweet and nice to you – you DOUBT whether he/she is genuine and has some hidden motive behind doing so?

 9. If a “cripple”  beggar comes to you – you DOUBT if he is “really” cripple? 

10. If your colleague gets a promotion (and you don’t, obviously) – you DOUBT he/she might have been buttering your boss?

11. You see a Bollywood Movie which has an exceptional storyline – you DOUBT if it is CTRL C’ed and then CTRL V’ed from a Hollywood Flick…

12. When you don’t find your i-pod/pens/chocolates/petrol in the bike – You DOUBT your younger sibling?

13. You DOUBT the shopkeeper is charging you more than he does to others?

14. (Plz spare me for this one, plzzzz! I read it somewhere 😉 ) You DOUBT your boyfriend/girlfriend is eating more food than you are, while you are busy admiring him/her? 😆

Gosh!!! I DOUBT I can think of anything else to write.. so finally.. coming to the end of the list.. (okay okay! Also the post..!)

15. If absolutely nothing is going well for you – do you DOUBT if God really exists??

Phew!! I got a 1o/15. Not bad huh?? (or too bad is it??) I really did not know I had so much to DOUBT about, and believed in…….err…. 😐

Well never mind, may be I would post another Post, listing a list of things we believe in.. And I am sure we shall score better! That would do good to our drooping spirits 😀

Till then, keep DOUBTING what you keep DOUBTING about, and also keep DOUBTING if you really DOUBT that much.. and yeah, do not forget to leave your score! It would be fun.. Without A DOUBT!!! ( for a change.. 🙂 )


N.B. If you find the post any good, go ahead with the poll.. If you find it silly.. do comment and let me know.. BUT.. (Try thinking of a topic to write every few days and then come to me 😐 )

Till then,

Have a DOUBTFUL Day,



6 comments on “” I Chose to Doubt, Than to Believe!! “

  • @ Kunal,
    All your answers were ‘NO’ ?? You don’t DOUBT anything.. ?? Good or bad, I don’t know.. But strange..!!

    As for the post, ‘not bad’ is way too much praise compared to what I had thought of the post.. Thanks 😉

    Keep Visiting,

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