Published November 12, 2008 by Ambika

Its been loooong since I have posted something. Not that I have nothing to write about. But I have no time to sit and write it out. Even this post is an extract from what I read in the papers day before yesterday with a few (infact, quite a few) additions from my side. 

So if someone who has read that paper, finds ANY or MANY similarities, then its purely INTENTIONAL…!!!! – DISCLAIMER

The article had a cartoon of OSAMA (Bin Laden) wishing OBAMA (Barack) – Mu-BARACK-Ho for winning the US Presidential Elections.

It also points out the too obvious similarity between their names. Just a ‘S’ and a ‘B’ here and there.

[ I call it too obvious because I realised it was tooo obvious, only when I had first read about OBAMA in the papers, at a glance, and the words like U.S., Bush, around it, I had thought the papers had misspelt OSAMA as OBAMA 😉 ]

The article later says that BLACK is EVERYWHERE. Namely,

  • Our money is mostly BLACK… Whoa!!! Yours too, right?? Don’t worry. You can tell me. I am a FCA (Future C.A.) Telling me might only help you 😀  So, Time is money, and so is BLACK!!
  • BLACK Coffee : No comments from my side!!! For a non-BLACK Coffee lover, something like this is a disgrace. Huh!!
  • Our Earth was formed out of a hole, which was of the same colour.. BLACK!
  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali was once BLACK, before he decided to turn BLUE with Saawariya..
  • A Complete BLACK-Out : is something, everyone, especially we Calcuttans witness everyother day, and sometimes even for the entire day.
  • There has been a very-famous Hollywood movie called Men In BLACK, and Men In BLACK 2 and may be even Men In BLACK 3 (sorry, I have no idea 😐 )
  • There was also a not-so famous Bollywood movie called BLACK Friday.
  • Ticket BLACK-ers were of whom most of us were victims, until multiplexes came to our rescue.
  • We have grown up reading things written on a BLACK-board out of a White chalk. So, basically, BLACK is Boring.
  • IF there is something called ‘Love’ and if “Love is MAGIC” (Courtsey : Karan Johar) then sure there is something called BLACK Magic too (Courtsey : Ram Gopal Verma) !!! Boohoooo!!! BLACK is also scary!!
  • Death is BLACK.
  • There is a very famous nursery rhyme “Baa Baa BLACK sheep!”
  • The game BLACK-jack anyone???
  • Salman Khan was jailed for killing BLACK-bucks. so BLACK is punishable too.
  • And finally BLACK is Beautiful.

So you see, BLACK is eveywhere. And everything is BLACK.

And so is the new “Man in the BLACK WHITE HOUSE”.. Bonafide BLACK..!! 😀

N.B. The Post is kind of a nonsense at a glance. But not bad to keep my blog running 🙂 Enjoy whatever little I had to offer!! And yea, kindly do not BLACK out, oops BACK out from leaving comments.. You can also add to the list, if you think of anything else which is BLACK.. Right now what I can think of is, Sleep.. Isn’t it BLACK too..?? 😆


Have a Nice Day,

Ambika 🙂


13 comments on “BLACK-POST

  • Hehe….when I heard of Obama for the first time (or rather, when I SAW him on tv for the first time) I thought he was Osama’s son! 😛 … took some time for my black cells…err…I mean my grey cells to accept my ignorance 😀

  • Haha.. But he hardly looks like his son..

    Too much of Black-activities going on here.. I better switch to some other colour soon.. 😀

    Btw, thanks a lot for visiting. Now that you have, Keep visiting.. :p


  • @ known/unknown (A.K.A. Mr. Identity Crisis),

    I can’t believe you could be so clear-headed as to write ‘THAT.” Great going.. Even if I don’t write posts, you pleae keep commenting. The world surely needs people like you with a straight (really?) head.

    Keep Visiting,

  • I really admire your way of looking at things…its bcoz whatever u pen down your thoughts its direct Dil Se jo dil tak pahuch jata hai…..

    Keep blogging

  • @ Nandita,
    Thanks a lot. You said it just right. I write from my heart.. And that’s primarily because, my mind isn’t working of late, so it got to be Dil Se 😛
    But what’s wonderful is that it manages to reach out to you all.
    Thanks again.
    Keep Visiting,

  • @ known/unknown,

    How about first giving a thought to look for a Name for yourself.. May be then you think of Blogging..

    Btw, if you do start blogging.. Make it a private one. God save us!!

    Keep visiting (Sigh),

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