Diwali Blues!!

Published October 27, 2008 by Ambika

Its Diwali time.. Everywhere there is a chaos. With everyone busy in getting the house readied for the Festival.

Mom and Grand mom are busy in deciding Menus and their Preparations ( I am a strict no-no in the kitchen when there is serious cooking going on, thanks to my cullinary skills- which I dont possess..at all!!)

Dad is busy with his business chores (much to my mom’s annoyance) and when questioned, he beautifully escapes by saying that he is preparing for the preparations in his own way – something that ‘WE’ (specifically, my Mom) would never understand. And she doesn’t. Neither do I.

And finally, whose the one left??

Yeah, you guessed it right!! And in case you didn’t.. Its me!!!!!!!!!

And the only work that is left for me ( or rather is found to be best-suited for me) is ChAnGiNg BuLbS!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine??? Standing up on taller-than-me tables and putting up decorative, and colourful bulbs on EVERY corner of the house…!! WTH!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough.. How about fixing last minute door-handles, and light-bulbs that just would not light!! Ugggghh!!!!! If the bulbs DONT behave like what they are supposed to, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE BOTHERED!!!!!!

N.B.: [This is the time when I miss my brother the most!!! No, nothing has happened to him, apart from the fact that he was never Born!! 😐

God!! Why couldn’t I have a brother, who could do such silly jobs!!!!!! Why me!!! ]

“Back to Reality”

Most of you will find it funny.. And you should..!! After all that’s how this world works.. And you are least likely to be an Alien!! Huh!!!

Laugh your hearts out.. But I have no time.. I have another set of BULBS waiting to be HANGEDDD!!!! (pun VERY-MUCH intended!!!)


My mom is sure having an aching throat by now. This is the 6th time that she has reminded me that my prestigious job is still not complete. But, before I finish, I just had a passing thought which leaves me less irritated and more hopeful!! 😀


What if I DO NOT manage to complete me Chartered Accountants Degree..??

So what!! I am in the last semester of completing my degree in IIM !!

By the way, IIM = Irritated In-house Mechanic

Nothing to lose, you see.. ( and you talk about being an Optimist!!!)

Signing off, furiously,

Ambika, Dr. in IIM


4 comments on “Diwali Blues!!

  • Super sweet blog post..

    Happy Diwali btw..

    I wish Diwali came every other day so that u r busy putting up the bulbs or fixing door handles.. Hehe.. Just because i would get such good blogs to read..

    IIM– Nice description! Keep it going..

    PS: I have not updated the blog for a while now.. Nothing to talk about.. If only i could write blogs with ‘Humor’, the blog could get updated daily!

  • That was good. But I tell you 1 thing. When I put up the lights in my house before Diwali, even I think why don’t I have a sis, after all all this decoration n stuff is sisters’ job, no?

    and I hve written answer to yr question : 4m whom I got to know about that “Me too” n “I too” vala funda.

    Check it out here!!

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