Happy Diwali!!!!!

Published October 25, 2008 by Ambika

Hola!! I am back..!!!

No.. Not after a break.. Why does everyone believe if someone is away, its for a break.. !! Huh!

I was BUSY.. yeah.. for a change, I was.. I had no access to any pc because I had no access to my home.. The entire week I had been out for the entire dawn/morning/afternoon/late-evening. .

C’mon being a FCA is tough job, phew!!

By the way, FCA – Future Chartered Accountant 😀

just out of my near-hectic schedule, I don’t have much to blog about!! So just catching up on what others have written!!

So, Wishing all the readers and the Commentators ( 😉 ) a very Happy and a Safe Diwali.. Burst lots of Crackers specially those making lots of sounds!! Who cares if the decibels cross the prescribed limits!! As if the ‘Diwali Sounds’ are the only ones crossing limits!!

So give a damn about Restrictions and Prohibitions and Go Enjoy!!!!

Lots of Wishes and Luck,

Me signing off,

Ambika 🙂

5 comments on “Happy Diwali!!!!!

  • @ Atul,
    Loooool…. Obviously I know what Spanish is. But I wrote it that way, because I know nothing else about it, i.e. I don’t know SPanish, the language 😛

    But thanks for the explanation anyways,
    Keep Visiting 😀

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