B-R-e-a-K-i-N-G NEWS!!!!

Published October 12, 2008 by Ambika
  • George Bush signed the N-Deal today.
  • Delhi Police defuse a live bomb in the Capital.
  • Another 10 die in Orissa flood.
  • World Economy – Engulfed in turmoil.
  • RBI cuts CRR rate by another 100 bps.
  • Sensex plunges below 10,000 levels. Four commit suicide.
  • Three people die of hunger in a village near Gwalior.


Oops.. I am so sorry guys, I was so caught up with the EvErYday NEWS, that I forgot about the B-r-e-a-k-i-n-g NEWS!!!! Here I go..

  • Amitabh Bachchan falls ill on his Birthday! To be admitted in Lilavati Hospital.
  • Former Pakistani Cricketer, Wasim Akram to judge a Dance Reality Show.
  • Rakhi Sawant breaks up with her boyfriend.
  • Latest update : Amitabh Bachchan reaches Hospital in an Ambulance.
  • Salman Khan had rice for lunch today, while in Jodhpur Jail. Sleeps on floor.
  • Prime Minister complains of headache. Cabinet Meeting cancelled!
  • Latest Update : Amitabh Bachchan in Suite No. 1101 of Lilavati Hospital. Family with him.
  • MP vacationing in Cape Town. To be absent in Trust Vote.
  • Latest Update : Our channel wishes Mr. Bachchan a speedy recovery!!


That will be more than enough I guess. Hope you got the point..

So much for the TRP. There was a time when the NEWS were aired just twice a day. Those were NEWS BuLLeTiN. But, now ALL the channels going “Round The Clock” and another new NEWS Channel starting every 2 months, they obviously are left with nothing much to broadcast!

Know the Full-form for NEWS?? North East West South?? Naah.. That was pretty looong ago. The Latest is :

N- Nonsensical (but, has to be…)

E- Exciting (…yet..)

W- Worthless (..and of course..)

S- Silly

The BREAKING NEWS that they broadcast are hardly Breaking and anything but NEWS.. So friends, introducing another Medium that has gone the Money-way


8 comments on “B-R-e-a-K-i-N-G NEWS!!!!

  • Can’t agree with u on this any better.. May be here is my response to this one..

    Reality bites on INDIA TV.. Ouch!!

    Well written post.. could not have said it more better way than this.. One question.. Do u actually think of it for a while or just jot down thoughts before publishing!! Whatever may be the case, i feel crippled after reading this post.. U sure have a good knack of writing which i need to learn and develop!


  • Hey Kunal,

    That was pretty too much appreciation.. 😀 THANKS A TON!! It sure leaves me highly motivated and a bit on the 4th heaven if not 7th 😉

    Well, actually, as soon as I hit a topic (which I decide to be my next post), the framework comes to my mind. And then whenevr I get time, I write it out. But I make sure to read it once and see if I would be interested in reading a similar post! If I am more or less satisfied I Publish 🙂

    I like reading articles, books etc. that are witty and sarcastically written! So I just try making my posts a bit like those!! I hope I am even 20% near to it! 😛

    But thanks a lot again, it’s great to know that you like it!! And don’t worry.. EVERYONE needs to learn more and develop something or other.. Like I need to learn to write smaller comments & posts 😛

    Keep reading

  • “Like I need to learn to write smaller comments & posts”

    Dont worry.. Mine go even bigger..
    I’m not a big fan of Reading or writing.. Blogging just happened.. I sometimes schedule my posts so that they appear on each day! Now i have no topics on mind except for appreciation to a few fellow bloggers!

  • “Like I need to learn to write smaller comments & posts”

    Dont worry.. Mine are even bigger.. 😀

    I’m not a big fan of Reading or writing.. Blogging just happened.. I sometimes schedule my posts so that they appear on each day! Now i have no topics on mind except for appreciation for a few fellow bloggers 😉


  • great posts , no doubt ….

    wd just like to say that , blogging is all about self satisfaction rather than what or how much people would like your thoughts . Theres no point editing your thoughts for the readers , rather blogging is a medium to enhance your thoughts and give them another dimension , that of readers , so u cn think over the opposing comments to your thoughts and get a better understanding of the thing.

    too much of a lecture , was it?

  • Hello Mr. Known/Unknown,

    Thanks for the ‘little appreciation’ and ‘loads of lecture’.. Highly appreciated!!

    I agree with you, its about putting forth your own thoughts and more about self-satisfaction. BUT, whatevr I write, must be readable enough in terms of it being exciting and catchy. Or else, I could have simply started a “My Dear Diary” all for myself, hiding it from everyone who puts an eye to it!

    However, replying to your comment gives me another idea to blog about, so thanks a ton 😀

    And, I would love it if I could know the ‘unknown’ part of you..

    Till then, Keep visiting,

  • gud to see u replied , but if ur takin wat i said as a lecture , thn god help u… dunno wazz up wid todays generation…. oversmart worthless ppl…

  • Hello Mr. known/unknown,

    May I ask which generation do YOU belong to??
    And I would have recognised you a lot earlier if not for that silly e-mail id of yours.

    Still keep coming back, (preferably with your real name)

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