“Food for Thought” and vice-versa

Published October 9, 2008 by Ambika

Happy Dusshera!!!

It’s a Hol’y’-DAY!!!! My entire family had to go somewhere right in the morning! I chose not to go.. And here I am.. Home Alone..!

O! what fun it is.. I am delighted!! 😀


But, my delight didn’t last long enough (sigh) !! As soon as I got hungry, I realised, its better staying at home “with family” than starving!!! 😐

My mom had sure known I would soon repent staying alone, so she had left a variety of things for me to eat.. on the table – (She was also sure I wouldn’t bother searching for them in the kitchen myself!)

But common yaar.. Its a HoLiDaY.. I mean who eats – Fruits..Poha..Biscuits..sandwiches and stuffs when you feel like having Chinese bhel.. Sizzlers.. Burgers.. Chats.. Pakodas…!!


Why not go down and get something delicious to eat? Ha! You don’t know me then! I would better starve than taking pains to Change (..yawn..) Lock the house (..yawn..) Walk down the road (..yawn..) Decide what to eat (..yawn..) Wait for my things to be packed (..yawn..) Check if I have been returned the right amount back (..yawn..) Carry the package all the way back home (..yawn..) climb up, unlock and THEN FINALLY eat.. (..yaaaaawwn..) 

So, now that you know me, shall I..? Good!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, calling and ordering to get something home-delivered wouldn’t work either! They would probably deliver 3 other BULKY orders, than send me a single pizza or burger during that time-frame! WTH!!!

3 hours later…

(On phone, talking to a friend) She casually asked me, what was I doing? I replied painfully.. ” Nothing much.. I just have a terrible stomach pain!!” A hear a BIG laugh and she joked.. “Kiske hath ka banaya hua khaya tha 😛 ?” – Whose hand-made food did you eat! I blinked.

…FLaShBaCk 3 hours earlier

Having eaten sandwiches and biscuits for breakfast ( sigh no.2) I really did not feel like eating the chapatis and sabjiz my mom had left for lunch!! So I made a mental list of things I could prepare myself!!

Wow!!!  Never seen a smaller list..

1. Tea (which I have never tasted!)

2. Coffee (bad option for lunch, eh? )

N.B. : I don’t know how to make even maggi!! 😐


“Learn (atleast) something to cook, it would help YOU, if no one else!!” That was my mom, speaking (shouting?) in my mind!!

Moral: We should have the habit of listening to our moms, once in a while!! Its sure helps man!!!

But.. When one door closes.. the other is always there.. Just that this time the one that was there, was LoCkEd.. 😐


I remember, whenever I needed something to eat in a hurry, mom would give rice a (tadka/baghar/chonk/temper) and it would be ready.. Simple and fast!

So I set on my mission…. switched on my pc and Googled for “Rice Tadka” and the very 1st result had my answer 🙂


I shall continue only once you stop giggling, okay..? So what I searched for it, big deal!! Google never mocked, why should you ?? Huh!

Anyways, so here’s the recipe :

Searching-for-the-ingredients Time : 20 mins (and couldn’t find 2 items)

Preparation Time : 5 mins (in my dreams)

Cooking Time : Eternity!!

Cleaning-the-mess Time : Ahem!!

So following the above steps, step-by-step, I finally had it ready!! Eureka!!

It looked like.. it just had a Jaundice attack.. 😐 But never mind, excess turmeric wouldn’t harm the taste.. (atleast I hope so, Amen)

Then I finally sat down to eat!! (sigh no. 3 is it?) To my horror.. It was… not bad.. I would give it a 3/5 (0.5 for the taste & 2.5 for the effort) I felt like the Indian Cricket Players – hitting a sixer behind the wicket!! So, I finally was now contempt!! 🙂

Now, Fast Forwarding to present times!!

.. and she joked, “Kiske hath ka banaya hua khaya tha 😛 ?”  – Whose hand-made food had you eaten. I blinked!  😐

Okay enough!! I am NOT writing further.. See you around next time, in my next post.. Huh!!


13 comments on ““Food for Thought” and vice-versa

  • @ Kunal

    Yeah, its sure.. Hail Google!!!! Always there to help!! 😀

    I am still trying to getting used to the site… its kind of confusing 😐 Hope to get it straight soon 🙂

    BTW, one doubt, Feedburner did not provide me with the ‘chicklet’ you have on your page!! I want it too 😦

  • @Ambika..

    Haha.. Just save the picture…and upload it somewhere.. use the same as a link.. simple!

    Oh wait.. u can use mine..
    This is the one:

    U can use the same.. or find one on the internet.. Edit it.. upload it and then use it..


  • And yeah..

    Use the link for Subscribe by email.. The reader feed is ok.. but email notifications is the best..

    U can use the tag in ur posts.. Instead of showing the full post, it will only show the part of the blog.. That is before the tag.. just like on my blog..
    Alternatively u can click a button on the menu on top of the “Post” part.. Just keep ur mouse over it and u’ll know.. It appears before the ABC option i guess..


  • @ Kunal..

    Ohhkk.. got it now!! Thanks a lot!! Good that you are here since long 😀 And I am trying to work out with that chicklet ..Hope I succeed soon !! 😉


  • @ Nandita,

    I know its humourous to read.. But it was me who had to put up with my self-cooked food, which was terrible 😛

    Thanks for visiting,
    See you soon,

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