Published October 6, 2008 by Ambika

No. That wasn’t Buddhadeb Bhattacharya’s (Hon’ able CM of Bengal) cry of distress as he bade Ta-ta to the Tatas!!

Nor was it Sourav Ganguly hoping, the BCCI would extend his not-so-extendible career!!!

These were the words I found written, last week, on a pavement with colourful Calcium Carbonate!! Yes, you read it write, Calcium Carbonate! For the science-ignorant people like me, it’s the chemical name for Chalk!!! Feeling better??

As I go to attend my classes on the same route every morning, sitting in my bus, I cross this one particular side-path (footpath, pavement). Not that it has something special about it to hold my attention. But, it’s a long-owned, self-imposed residence of a Tramp! And that too quite a scary one! Not that I despise his fate or condition. Just that looking at him scares me!! I feel so happy that I am on a bus feet(s) away from him!!


Anyways, so, one day as I passed his residing-area, I saw him working furiously with a piece of chalk, on the ground! Another of his scary traits, I thought. Day 1.

Day 2:  As I again passed the place, I saw it wasn’t just some kind of an Abstract art. It was a beautiful………….. The bus moved ahead, too fast for me to notice what it was!


Day 3: Not counting on the bus this time, I was looking for the spot on the ground, long before the bus reached there. What I saw quite surprised me. It was a beautiful picture of Goddess Durga, taking shape in beautiful colours of chalk – pink, blue, white, yellow, green… An artist huh?? I pondered!! A scary artist, I corrected!

Wondering what is so much about it to notice, everyday? With the apprehension of attending a boring, beyond-reach class for 3 continuous hours (..yawn..), you would want to behold whatever little seems better!! 😉

Well, and that’s also the way I am. Noticing and wondering and THINKING – all the time!


Day 4: Yes friends, another day of classes!! Today was the hopeful day I was waiting for. The final unveiling of the Mona-Goddess Durga-Lisa, by the Great Leonardo-Tramp-Da Vinci!!!! Yes, that’s the way I have started feeling, describing the step-by-step evolution of the portrait!


By this day, as if the bus-driver had sensed my curiosity to pop my head out of the window to have a look at that particular spot on the ground! He slowed down, and stopped just before the place!!! It’s then that I realized, no Kudos to the driver for that. Red Signal!!

The portrait was completed. It was a very beautiful and a colourful one, that of Goddess Durga. Quite a crowd had gathered and was appreciating the work. The artist was sitting by the side of his creation, amused and adding the final touches!!! NO.. He was writing!! Above the drawing were written in CAPS: “MAA DURGA HELP ME!!!”


I couldn’t believe he was actually writing it! I glanced a look at him! Filthy!!


No, can’t be! He couldn’t possibly know how to write! If he did, then what was he doing there! Knowing how to write doesn’t prove anything, but he obviously could have been better than what he was! Well, before I could think more the bus moved and in minutes I was in my class, trying to figure out yet another problem! (I have plenty of those, only this time it was academic!)


Moral: You are what you are, not because of your Destiny. Your Destiny is the way it is, because of the way you are!!

Mini Moral: Do not read too much into everything. You will end up writing vague things in your blog!

4 comments on ““MAA DURGA.. HELP ME!!”

  • I tried a lot to correct the font!! But could manage just the first 2 paragraphs!! The rest just didn’t seem to listen to me somehow!
    Kindly use a magnifying glass! Any damage to anybody’s eyesight is purely un-intended and co-incidental!!


  • 😀
    Nice post.. except for the font.. it’s more to do with on the HTML part of it..

    U seem to be motivated and lifted by things happening around u.. Mostly about the things that u see through the Bus window..

    One of the best post’s i have ever read..


  • Thanx a lot!! Appreciation sure helps! I’ll now look forward to look outside the Bus Window even more 😀

    Keep blogging! Keep Commenting!!


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