Sharing an Incident..

Published October 2, 2008 by Ambika

30th September having gone, and all the Income Tax filings completed, I was out of work. It was just before sunset, and I was returning from office long before my usual time. On the way, the bus I was travelling in was caught in the evening traffic (nothing new for the City).

As I was gazing outside the window, I saw the bus was standing on the side of a familiar-looking building. The structure of the building seemed odd for a residence. Ignoring, I looked further. An elderly woman was sitting in the 1st floor balcony and was gazing out towards the main road. She wasn’t smiling, probably had no reason to be happy. But then, she did not even look like she was unhappy. Her face showed no emotion. Strange.

She was simply gazing, lost in her own thoughts.

I was curious, and started wondering what must be going through her mind. They say, “Eyes Give Away Your Thoughts.”  I tried harder looking at them. Blank.

Suddenly I jerked out of my thoughts, as the bus driver hit the horns non-stop. Every other car-driver followed suit. “WHAT IS THE USE OF DEAFENING EVERYONE WHEN THE SIGNAL ITSELF IS STILL RED???” – I find no reason. And neither did the Signal Controller I suppose, because the lights still did not change. The noise subsided. Thank Goodness. 

Relieved, I turned towards the balcony again. Empty .

I looked around the building but no one was there.  Probably the lady too did not enjoy the unpleasant noise, and had retired to her room. I felt kind of disappointed for not having seen her departing expression! Was that of contempt? Sadness? Was she smiling? or was she disgusted (at the traffic)?

However, the signals finally turned green and the bus moved.. slowly  (thanks to the 300 new cars that arrive daily). It passed the main gates of the building. The gates were open and inside I saw a statue of Jesus Christ. Above, there was a huge board with words painted in White:-


For a split-second I was confused. Then, I quickly spurned around, with the hope of catching her glimpse again!  With the hope of recognizing, this time, what her silent eyes must have been thinking! But the balcony was as empty as her expressions had been.


 …to be continued


6 comments on “Sharing an Incident..

  • Great Post Ambika..

    Most of the time, I would be spotted gazing at something.. People try to ask me what i was thinking off.. Only answer that i give them is… ‘ Nothing’…

    It a way of keeping the mind relaxed.. While the lady was busy keeping her thoughts at bed.. U had been seamlessly lost in the thoughts of knowing the reason behind the blank face… Believe me,It should have been nothing on her mind!

    Anyways, would want to know the rest of the story..


    PS: Traffic is a huge problem in Kolkatta! Dirty streets and roads is a bigger problem.. Have been in the city a few times, Promised myself to never be in the city unless something really important comes by..

  • Well about the post.. There’s no more to the story.. but a lot to my thoughts.. Which I will be sharing in the next post…

    About Kolkata..

    Try if you can get even that ‘something really important’ come across to you, rather than you coming down here.. The condition here is hopeless…!!!

    Its either the heavy traffic, or some kind of Road blockade by some Anti-ruling party. The catch-point being, you will not be able to move (on car)

    And if you happen to be on foot.. God save you from the potholes!!

    So better stay away!! A piece of advice from a True Kolkattan!!

  • Yeah.. and then I would probably not feel like writing for some 15 days!!!

    Its better I keep to my city-viewing theme rather than city-cleaning 😀

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