Here comes my 1st post..

Published October 1, 2008 by Ambika

Hello Friends,

My first ever blog 🙂

I had first come to this site, a few days ago to comment on a friend’s post. And ended up writing one myself. Entire credit (credit is it? 😉 ) goes to Kunal who encouraged me to start blogging everytime I commented. 

@ Kunal

With me, the number of people you have inspired to blog, reaches how many?? 🙂

Well friends, if you are looking for a blog full of factual data and informations, chances are you’ll be leaving disappointed.  What enthralls me most is Human emotions and mind. The reason why you will find my posts and comments full of emoticons ( 🙂 😉 😀 ) I expect my posts to revolve around these, my experiences and other fun stuffs..

I do not promise to be regular, but i do expect to have something to write about from time to time. So, comment if you like what I write. And if you do not like it, no issues.. Just let me know (again through comments ofcourse 😉 )

So its me sigining off now, preparing for my post. Till then Have a great life.. (and even after that 🙂 )


N.B.- Kindly leave your views, suggestions, criticism (in a light manner, mind it 😉 ) and appreciations (if there are any). Highly awaited!! 🙂

4 comments on “Here comes my 1st post..

  • Thank U..

    I have inspired a few.. to be exact.. 8 of them..
    6 of them happen to be colleagues, while 2 are friends (Now that includes Ambika)..

    I’d be glad if u post more regularly.. If not, Make sure u give ur readers Notifications! Make a email list that u might want to notify.. Or try using feedburner available on


    PS: U forgot to give them a link 🙂 Here it is anyways..
    I’ll be here 😀

  • hii

    I am impressed 🙂 ….Its awesome and fantastic!!

    Its good to see you getting inspired from Kunal….he has actually inspired some many 😛 and he definitely needs an appreciaiton for the cause!!

    I went to all your posts and am proud to see your work…..and sorry to have commented last (but there’s a reason to it 😦 )

    Anyways very well done ambika and keep going…..looking forward to regular posts of yours.

    Happy Diwali!!!


  • Hello, 😀

    I, as well, was wondering what was wrong.. But, good to see you here, finally 🙂

    Thanks for your appreciation. However I would love more insight from you 😛

    You keep reading and writing,

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